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Wings Parade After Winning Cup
Carlos Osorio/Associated Press
Red Wings' Fans Jam Downtown
About 1.2 million fans jammed downtown Detroit Thursday to honor goaltender Chris Osgood (pictured) and the Red Wings, who swept the Capitals and won the Stanley Cup championship for a second consecutive year.

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Caps Work on Next Season
Most of the Capitals began their two-month offseason on June 17 by relaxing, but General Manager George McPhee was at his office early. He's aware that getting to the Stanley Cup finals is one of the most difficult tasks in hockey, but getting back is almost as daunting.

  • Washington Learns Lessons After Losing Cup
  • ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Injured Wings Sparked Detroit to Cup

    Caps Learn Their Lessons After Sweep
    The Red Wings didn't win only because they were the more talented team, writes Post columnist Jennifer Frey. Detroit had the attitude that they would win, even if they were twice down by two goals in the third period.

    Wings Sweep Away Caps With 4-1 Win
    Yzerman drinks from the Cup
    Gary Hershorn/Reuters
    A sellout crowd at MCI Center watched the Detroit Red Wings claim their second straight Stanley Cup with a 4-1 victory over the Capitals on June 16. Detroit captain Steve Yzerman (drinking from the Cup) captured the Conn Smythe Trophy as the most valuable player of the playoffs.

    No Shame in Shutout, Washington Fans Say

    Caps' Dream Season Ends Too Soon
    Brown celebrates
    Gary Hershorn/Reuters
    It took 24 long years for the Capitals to make it to the Stanley Cup finals. But, a dream season for Washington fans ended too soon June 16 when Detroit won its second consecutive Cup. Detroit's Doug Brown (center) and his teammates paraded the Cup around the ice at MCI Center for the first time ever.

    Caps' Run Puts Out the Dogs for Good
    It may be difficult to believe, but Tony Kornheiser is unable to blast the Caps after they were swept out of the Stanley Cup finals. Rather, he is content to note that the team from Washington was playing hockey in mid-June.

    Not the Ending Hunter Would Have Wanted
    Dale Hunter finally made it to the Stanley Cup finals after so many years of playoff futility. The only way the Capitals captain could describe Detroit's sweep was as "a big disappointment."

    Osgood's Performance Should Silence Critics
    When Detroit won the Stanley Cup last year, Chris Osgood spent most of his time on the bench. The story was different in 1998 as Osgood played a key role in helping the Red Wings win their second straight title.

    GMs Recommend Rules Changes

    Craig Laughlin Read the transcript from the June 15 Lunchtime Quarterback, which featured Caps TV analyst Craig Laughlin (pictured).
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    Red Wings Provide a Splendid Ending to Season
    What's New With The Red Wings?
    Get the latest on the Red Wings from the Detroit News. You can jump into the Red Wings fan forum or take a online quiz on the Red Wings and Capitals.
    Detroit News Detroit fans now have a long summer to enjoy their second Stanley Cup in as many years. As talk of a dynasty begins to gather steam, the challenge for the Detroit management will be to keep the team together in the offseason. Follow the moves of the Red Wings by checking in with
    The Detroit News.

    Bowman's Legend Grows With Time
    Reuters Photo
    There has been one constant through the coaching career of Detroit Red Wings Coach Scotty Bowman (pictured, right). He always finds a way to make his teams play hard, which is a big reason behind his seven Stanley Cup rings. The stories involving the legendary Bowman can often take on a mythical nature.

    Detroit's Lidstrom Mulls Return to Sweden

    The Octopus Is a Detroit Mainstay
    Merchant's selling Octupus shaped bread in the Detroit area
    AP Photo
    Many cities have objects that help determine a city's identity. The Statue of Liberty, the Sears Tower, the Liberty Bell are just a few. But in Detroit, it's an eight-tentacled creature that has all the town talking about the Red Wings.
  • Motor City Is Going Cup Crazy
  • Kocur Still Has Some Fight Left

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