Tracking the Capitals' scoring chances

A team's ability to create scoring chances -- more than just shots on goal -- will impact its ability to win, which is why hockey stats blogger Neil Greenberg tracks the Capitals' scoring chances in every game. More scoring chances lead to more goals, which lead to more wins.

A scoring chance is defined as a clear play directed toward the opposing net from a dangerous scoring area, loosely defined as the top of the circle in and inside the faceoff dot. Blocked shots are generally not included, but missed shots are. A player is awarded a "chance for" (SCF) if someone on his team has a chance to score and a "chance against" (SCA) if the opposing team has a chance to score.


SCF = scoring chances for; SCA = scoring chances against

Period SCF SCA EV SCF EV SCA PP SCF/2min PP SCA/2min SH SCF/2min SH SCA/2min

Regular Season

SCF = scoring chances for; SCA = scoring chances against; SC% = chance for / total chances

Player GP EV SCF EV SCA EV SC +/- EV SC% PP SCF/2min SH SCA/2min

GRAPHIC: The Washington Post. .