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Shirley Povich's Funeral
Frank Johnston/The Post
Povich Eulogized as a Hero
Hundreds of mourners attended the Shirley Povich's funeral June 7 at the Adas Israel Synagogue. Povich, 92, died of a heart attack on June 4. The service brought mourners from the sports, journalism and entertainment worlds. Hundreds of readers across the nation sent condolence messages by e-mail in honor of the former columnist.

Shirley Povich's Final Column

The Latest Generation Honors a Legend
Shirley Povich at 18
Post File Photo
The Post's Tony Kornheiser, Michael Wilbon and Thomas Boswell offer personal recollections of Shirley Povich (at right in photo) — who inspired and enlightened readers for most of the 20th century.

The Povich Touch

Shirley Povich at 18
Post File Photo
Povich: A Sporting Life
In an age where folks change jobs as much as hair styles, Shirley Povich (pictured, at 18, in 1923) evoked a day when pitchers regularly went nine innings. At the age of 92, Povich completed his 75th year at The Post last year, writing columns to the end. He filed his final column the day before his death on June 4. In 1989, he took a look back at his long, distinguished career.

Povich Biography

Graham and Povich
Dan Murano/The Post
A Long, 75-Year Love Affair
The formula for the success was simple for Shirley Povich, who told Thomas Boswell in 1995 that "I write what I like to read." At his 75th anniversary party in 1997, Post publisher Donald Graham (left) honored Povich, who carried the status of an unretired retiree.

'The Million-to-One Shot' Comes In
Povich at Ripken's Record Game
Joe Elbert/The Post
Baseball was one of Povich's driving passions, and the lead paragraph he wrote for Don Larsen's perfect game in the 1956 World Series is a sports journalism classic. Read a selection of his baseball columns, including accounts of Lou Gehrig's farewell and Cal Ripken's 2,131st consecutive game.

For Povich, a Lifetime Seat at Ringside
Shirley Povich
Post File Photo
One of Shirley Povich's earliest bylines came while covering the Gene Tunney-Jack Dempsey heavyweight matchup in 1927. The memories provided by Rocky Marciano (center, with his arm around Povich), stayed with Povich over the years. Read a sampling of his boxing columns.

Grange, Lombardi and the Redskins
Povich was a constant presence at Redskins games since the team came to Washington, witnessing most of the franchise's highs and lows. Also, read about legends from the past such as Red Grange and Vince Lombardi in a collection of his football columns.

If History Was Made, Povich Was There
Massacre at Munich
File Photo
The massacre of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics shattered the simplicity and innocence of amateur athletics forever, and Povich had a front-row seat to the unfolding horror. One way or another, Povich found his way to a number of history-making events.

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