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Post Columnists Covering the Nagano Games

jennifer frey Jennifer Frey
Jennifer Frey came to The Post in 1995 from the New York Times. In addition to her columns, she covers tennis for The Post.
  michael wilbon Michael Wilbon
Michael Wilbon has developed a national reputation for commentary on a wide range of issues and how they relate to sports.

Frey Columns
FEB. 23: NHL's Style Is No Fun
FEB. 22: I'll Remember It Well
FEB. 21: Lipinski's Winning Spirit
FEB. 19: Lipinski Comes of Age
FEB. 15: Eldredge Safe, Then Sorry
FEB. 8: One More Sad Performance
Wilbon Columns
FEB. 20: Figure Skating: It's No Sport
FEB. 19: They Were Truly Dreaming
FEB. 18: Giant Leap for Womanhood
FEB. 17: U.S. Needs Reality Dose
FEB. 16: The Mystery of Curling
FEB. 15: The Best Game on Ice
FEB. 14: Maier: Truly 'The Herminator'
FEB. 13: Many Teams in This Dream
FEB. 12: Snowboarding Up in Smoke
FEB. 11: Just Let Kenyans Be
FEB. 10: Clap for Speedskating
FEB. 9: For Women, Goals Not Easy
FEB. 7: Ceremonies Open Hearts
FEB. 6: If the Games Are Half as Nice
FEB. 5: Winter Wonders

Other Post Olympic Columns
SPORTS WAVES, Feb. 23: CBS's Olympic Coverage: Very Shaky
DAVE BARRY, Feb. 22: In Japan, I Couldn't Crack the Code
SPORTS WAVES, Feb. 20: Olympics' Shining Lights Remain Dim on CBS
KORNHEISER, Feb. 17: Why Is Olympic Coverage Short-Lived? Go Figure
SPORTS WAVES, Feb. 16: After Some Titanic Blunders, the Winner Is ...
SPORTS WAVES, Feb. 8: For Openers, Many Eyes Were Closed
KORNHEISER, Feb. 10: Olympic Nights and Days, So Far Devoid of Stars

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