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  Relive Those Golden Days of Tonya and Nancy

By Don Fulsom
Special to The Washington Post
Sunday, January 29, 1995; Page C3

Test your memory about the chief heavy in one of the most fascinating sports scandals of our time. She stole the U.S. figure skating title ... with a little criminal help from her friends. Answers

But first, a warmup question: In her life as a felon, Tonya Harding:
A. must limit her travel to three states.
B. must never come closer than 100 yards to Nancy Kerrigan.
C. is banned from buying all clubs and club-like devices.
D. can't perform in ice shows.

Answer: A. They are Oregon, Washington and California, according to the New York Times.

Because of the travel restrictions, Tonya wasn't able to accept a $2-million offer to become a pro wrestler in Japan. The Times reports that Tonya can skate in professional competitions, and even tour — if any shows make her an offer.

That's not too likely, though. In November, when CBS aired "Ice Wars: The USA vs. the World," the featured performers were Nancy Kerrigan and Oksana Baiul. The Washington Post quoted CBS producer David Winner as saying: "To have Tonya in this competition would be pandering to some of the lowest instincts."

The latest on Tonya from the print and TV tabloids: She's had breast implants and is shooting a big-screen number called "Breakaway." The tabloid Star says she got $10,000 for playing a waitress "who kicks and karate chops her way out of sticky situations." Tonya's also raked in $400,000 for the rights to an "authorized" big-screen bio-pic. Pretty good for someone who, after flopping at the Olympics, pleaded guilty to hindering the prosecution in the assault on Kerrigan but served no jail time.

Now, let's flash back to 1994, when ...:
1. A tabloid TV program raised the possibility Tonya was responsible for:
A. the hit-and-run death of her half brother.
B. clubbing a pet rabbit as a toddler.
C. chasing her then-husband Jeff Gillooly with a baseball bat.
D. one of the deaths credited to Dr. Jack Kevorkian.

2. TV talk show host David Letterman joked that Tonya:
A. has a possible future as "one tough Roller Derby babe."
B. used threats to try to get on his show.
C. and Jeff are "the White Trash Couple of 1994."
D. might be less winded after her programs if she'd quit smoking.

3. When he struck Kerrigan, Shane Stant:
A. is said to have yelled at her.
B. claims he tried not to hurt her too much.
C. failed to leave a planned note.
D. failed to use the assault weapon to aid his escape.

4. In her first eight hours of grilling by the FBI, Tonya:
A. denied knowing anything about the plot.
B. smoked four packs of Camels.
C. implicated Gillooly.
D. repeatedly insisted her actions were the fault of an abusive mother.

5. Gillooly said he wouldn't have implicated Tonya if she:
A. hadn't implicated him and then lied to him about it.
B. had promised him a larger share of the projected $10 million she'd rake in if she won the gold at Lillehammer.
C. hadn't reported his abusive behavior to police on previous occasions.
D. could skate as good as Kerrigan.

6. Shortly after the attack on Kerrigan, Tonya:
A. wished her rival a speedy recovery.
B. offered to lend Kerrigan her enormous bodyguard, Shawn Eckhardt.
C. predicted she would defeat Kerrigan at the Olympics.
D. said she couldn't understand how someone "could have been so cruel to Nancy."

7. Shortly after the attack on her, Kerrigan:
A. got a financial pledge from Nike Inc.
B. started a secret romantic correspondence with Stant.
C. said she suspected Tonya was behind it.
D. starred in a violent TV ad.

8. On "A Current Affair," Tonya's mom:
A. fainted.
B. sang a song she wrote about Tonya.
C. slapped an interviewer who asked how hard she cuffed Tonya around.
D. showed a home video of her daughter undressing.

9. Tonya received support in her bid to be on the U.S. team from:
A. President Clinton.
B. Kerrigan's co-coach, Mary Scotvold.
C. Jeff Gillolly's lawyer, Ronald Hoevet.
D. Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman.

10. Shortly before flying to Norway as the U.S. champion, Tonya made a rare visit to:
A. a house of worship.
B. her mother's house.
C. an opera house.
D. a bootlace plant to handpick her Olympic laces.

© Copyright 1995 The Washington Post Company

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