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 Nagano Bids Bright Farewell to Games
Closing Ceremonies
Arne Dedert/AFP

Concluding a weather-beaten but successful Olympics, Nagano bid farewell to the 1998 Winter Games by lighting up a Japanese valley with fireworks, bonfires and lanterns.

 Games Received Bomb Threat
 Salt Lake Ready to Accept Flag

Flu Outbreak Takes Its Toll on Athletes, Journalists
One of the worst influenza outbreaks hit Japan during the Olympics, with most athletic delegations and news organizations having at least one person a day in bed with a fever or respiratory ailments. The virus has been blamed for the withdrawal of several athletes from competition.

 DAVE BARRY: I Can't Crack the Code

Japanese Price Karuhito Hans Deryk/AP
Olympic Partying Difficult to Beat
While most consider the Olympics a gathering of the globe's most-talented athletes, there are those who see the Games as the world's greatest movable party. Japanese Prince Naruhito and his wife, Princess Masako, take in a hockey game.

 Olympic Mascots Proving Popular With Visitors

the mountains of Nagano
AP Photo
In Nagano, the Swoosh Is Everywhere
Just about the only place you won't see the Nike swoosh at the Olympics is on the mountains surrounding Nagano (pictured). But, don't blink, that may change. Almost everyone — from athletes to commentators to fans at the Games — are wearing Nike apparel. Nike is also getting great public relations mileage out of the the two Kenyan cross-country skiers the company sponsored, who have become the media darlings at the Games.

Nagano Kicks Off 18th Winter Olympics With Fanfare
Flagbearer Eric Flaim
Joel Richardson/The Post
Japan kicked off the Winter Olympics by welcoming the world to Nagano on Saturday in a warm ceremony held in an open-air stadium designed to resemble a cherry blossom. Speedskater Eric Flaim (pictured), a four-time Olympian, led the U.S. delegation in a parade that was missing some of its biggest Olympic stars.

 MICHAEL WILBON: Corny Ceremonies Are Needed
 Japan Asks U.S. to Maintain 'Olympic Truce'
 Princess Diana Reportedly Was to Address Opening Ceremony

Away We Go
Luge Run

KRT Graphic

Luge and bobsledding events will take place at "Spiral," the first artificial ice track in Asia, which is located in the foothills of Mount Iizuna in the northern part of Nagano City. Get a closer look at Spiral and the other Olympic venues.

Japan Working Hard to Ensure Incident-Free Olympic Games
With memories of a poison gas attack in the Tokyo subway system that killed 12 people in 1995, Japanese officials are planning down to the tiniest detail to prevent any incidents that would mar the Olympic Games.

 Homemade Rockets Fired at Tokyo Airport
 Today's Weather in Nagano

Nagano Readies Itself for World
The Zenkoji temple, the cultural and spiritual center of Nagano, is a refreshing respite from the commercial nature of the Olympic Games. Japan is striving hard to display its unique traditions in a tasteful setting.

 Mayor Defends $10 Billion Price Tag

With Japanese, Cash Still Registers Over Credit Cards
U.S. Bobsledders
Joel Richardson/The Post
The Japanese rarely leave home without cash. Despite the nation's high-tech image, the use of credit cards is limited to the big cities. Nagano merchants, caught up in the Olympic spirit, are trying their best to accommodate what many see as another oddball quirk of the foreigners in town.

 Okay, What Do You Do With Your Shoes?

Nagano Map
The Washington Post
Japan Revs Up High-Speed Train
More than 2 million visitors are expected to flood Nagano when the Olympic torch is lighted Friday. Many of them will be arriving from Tokyo on the Asama bullet train, the latest monument to Japanese high-tech wizardry. The Asama races from Tokyo to Nagano, a distance of about 120 miles, in just 79 minutes. Before the Asama opened last month, the trip took three hours by train.


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