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The Olympic Village for the Nagano Games is located in Imani New Town, a residential area in the Imani area of Kawanakajima. The Olympic Village is a complex of 1,000 single and double apartments covering an area of 47 acres.

Olympic Village

Z International Zone R Residential Facilities
Fire station, maintenance,
general store, library,
lounge, video room,
hair salon, bank,
post office, travel agent,
disco, movie theater,
visitor dining, security check
for visitors, lounge,
conference room, management
1. Storage
2. Clinic
3. Fitness center
4. Dining hall
5. Nagano Olympic Committee service center
6. Security check for residents/lobby
7. Religious center
8. Cultural activities center
9. Train station
10. Resident entrance
11. Visitor entrance
12. Bus terminal

Note: A satellite village for curling competition (not shown) is located at the Karuizawa Skate Center Hotel, Sengataki Karuizawa, 40 miles from the Olympic Village.

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