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Germans in Biathlon Relay
Itsuo Inouye/AP
Germans Repeat in Relay
Two days after its women's team won the gold medal in the 30-kilometer relay, Germany's men's team of Ricco Gross, Peter Sendel, Sven Fischer and Frank Luck completed the sweep by winning the gold in the same event. The same four won the gold at Lillehammer four years ago.

Germany Wins Women's Relay; Disl Sets Record
Germany's Petra Behle
AP Photo
Ursula Disl of Germany broke a six-year gold-medal jinx Feb. 19, leading her team to victory in the 30-kilometer relay and becoming the biggest medal winner in Olympic biathlon history with six.

U.S. Women Fight All Odds — at Home and Abroad
Competing in a sport that is, at best, on the fringe in the United States, Ntala Skinner and Stacey Wooley routinely trounce the competition at home. When they go up against the better-financed programs abroad, however, the situation changes radically. "I'm still improving," Wooley says. "I can be in the top 10. I'm world class. Otherwise I wouldn't be here."

Norway Finishes 1-2 in Storm-Delayed 10K Biathlon
Biathlete Medalists
Itsuo Inouye/AP
Norway's Ole Bjorndalen (center) and Frode Andresen (right) finished 1-2 Feb. 18 in the men's 10-kilometer biathlon, an event that was postponed Feb. 17 because heavy snow made shooting too difficult. Finland's Ville Raikkonen (left) took the bronze.

Russian Biathlete Galina Kukleva
AP Photo
Narrowly, Russia's Kukleva Wins Gold Medal in 7.5 Kilometers
Russia's Galina Kukleva (pictured) won the Olympic gold medal in the women's 7.5-kilometer biathlon in 23 minutes 8 seconds, crossing the finish line seven-tenths of a second ahead of Germany's Ursula Disl. Germany's Katrin Apel finished third. Kristina Sabasteanski of Richmond, Vt., was the best U.S. finisher in 33rd place.

Biathletes Seek Greater Recognition for Their Sport
The biathlon may be one of the most demanding sports in the Winter Games, but its athletes often feel like Rodney Dangerfield — they get no respect. Even in places like the former Soviet Union, Scandinavia and Germany, where biathlon's profile is high, sponsorship is meager and the sport's stars are not household names like those of soccer and ice hockey.

Norway's Halvard Hanevold
Gary Caskey/Reuters
Norway's Hanevold Strikes Gold
Norway's Halvard Hanevold (pictured) won the gold medal in the 20-kilometer individual biathlon with a time of 56 minutes, 16.4 seconds. Hanevold, who only managed 46th in the event at the last Olympics, scored his surprise victory in 56 minutes, 16.4 seconds, nudging out Italian veteran Pier Alberto Carrara. The top American, Jay Hakkinen, finished 42nd out of 71 biathletes.

Bulgaria's Ekaterina Dafovska
Torsten Blackwood/AFP
Unsung Dafovska Aims True, Gives Bulgaria 1st Winter Gold
Bulgaria won its first Winter Games gold when unheralded Yekaterina Dafovska (pictured), fighting off weather conditions that slowed times and made shooting difficult, won the women's 15-kilometer individual biathlon. Dafovska missed one of 20 targets. The top U.S. finisher was 55th.


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