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German Bobsledders Win
Beth A. Kaiser/AP
Shimer Just Misses Bronze
Brian Shimer, trying to break a 42-year Olympic bobsled drought for the United States, just missed a bronze medal in the four-man event, finishing two-hundredths of a second behind France and Britain, who tied for third. Germany (pictured), led by Christoph Langen, won the gold.

After Drug Probe, U.S. Bobsledder Back on Course
U.S. Bobsledders
John McDonnell/The Post
Brian Shimer (pictured) was on the verge of having his life ruined after a disputed drug test almost got him kicked off the U.S. Olympic team. His case, put to rest officially just before the Games opened, provides more fuel for a growing controversy over the current means of testing for testosterone.

BEFORE THE GAMES: Again, Shimer Aims for Medal

Italian Bobsledders
Italy, Canada Share 2-Man Gold
For the first time, there was a tie for the gold medal in bobsled. Canada's Pierre Lueders and Italy's Guenther Huber (pictured, right) were tied after four runs, becoming the first to tie in any two-man bobsled event since 1968. The winning sleds finished with times of 3 minutes, 37.24 seconds. Germany's Christoph Langen won the bronze. For the United States, Jim Herberich finished seventh, Brian Shimer 10th.

Bobsledder Loses Appeal
An arbitrator has rejected the appeal of Michael Dionne, the U.S. bobsledder who was suspended because he had taken the drug ephedrine accidentally as part of a cold medicine. The arbitrator, Jan Paulsson, said the suspension must stand even though he accepted Dionne's claim of inadvertent use.

Hard-Luck Hopefuls Out
Oakton's Michael Kohn and his bobsled teammates won't be in Nagano, but the fact they even got to the U.S. Olympic trials in Utah was a minor miracle. The $30,000 sled they were going to use was destroyed in a Christmas Eve fire, prompting a hunt for a replacement.


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