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Hasek in net
Olivier Morin/AFP
Hasek Carries Czechs to Gold
The Czech Republic and goaltender Dominik Hasek (bottom, left) completed an astonishing run through the Olympic tournament with a thrilling 1-0 victory over Russia on Sunday to win the gold medal.

 Games Have a Silver Lining for Caps' Gonchar
 70,000 Czechs Crowd Square to Cheer Victory

Finland Celebrates Victory
Joel Richardson/The Post
Finland Sends Canadians Home Empty-Handed With 3-2 Victory
Canada, which lost a chance to get into the gold-medal game when it was stunned by the Czech Republic on Friday, lost the bronze medal as well, 3-2, on Saturday to Finland, who were without its No. 1 goaltender and the tournament's leading scorer. Ville Peltonen scored the game-winner 17 seconds into the third period, and the Finns got 32 saves from Ari Sulander.

Hasek Unflappable for Czechs in 2-1 Shootout Win
Dominik Hasek
Emmanuel Danand/AFP
Goalie Dominik Hasek (pictured, right) held fast through overtime and didn't give up a goal in a shootout to lead the Czech Republic to a 2-1 upset of gold-medal favorite Canada. The Czechs will play the Russians for the gold medal.
 Rejoicing in the Czech Republic
 Czech Journeyman Hits Paydirt

Canada at a Painful Loss After Its Failures in Hockey
Gretzky Hangs His Head
Frank Gunn/AP
These Olympics were supposed to be Canada's show. But instead of validating Canada as the world's undisputed hockey power, the country's Dream Team only helped prove a point many fans of the sport say has been obvious for years: Hockey is no longer Canada's game.

 Canada's Team Asks for Understanding

U.S. Trashing Damage Now Estimated at $3,000
Olympic officials said Friday that the damage of three rooms in the Olympic village by members of the U.S. hockey team is now estimated at $3,000. Ten chairs were broken, three fire extinguishers were emptied and a number of doors and walls were dented in the three rooms.

 NHL Says It Will Investigate
 U.S. Hockey Team Trashes Rooms After Being Ousted by Czechs

Dream Team, Nightmare Tournament for U.S. Men
U.S.A. vs. Czech Republic
Hans Deryk/AP
The U.S. men's team will go home without a medal for the fifth consecutive Olympics, as the Czech Republic defeated a humiliated Team USA, 4-1 in Wednesday's medal round quarterfinal. The Olympics' first "dream team" tournament, featuring six nations stocked with NHL talent, will be remembered as the ultimate U.S. hockey failure.

Scores & Stories
For scores and recaps of previous games, go to our men's and women's schedule and results pages.
The Team That Never Woke Up
Post columnist Michael Wilbon writes that more than anything it may have been pride that separated the U.S. team from the teams such as Canada that advanced. The result was what has to be the most disappointing performance of the Nagano Games.

 TUESDAY: U.S. Men's Hockey Team Needs a Reality Check
 FRIDAY: This Isn't Exactly the Dream Team

U.S. Women Beat Canada, 3-1, Win First Gold
Sarah Tueting Celebrates
Hans Deryk/AP
The United States on Tuesday won its first hockey gold medal since the "Miracle on Ice" in 1980, as its women's team defeated Canada, 3-1, behind the goaltending of Sarah Tueting (pictured), who stopped 21 shots. Gretchen Ulion, Shelley Looney and Sandra Whyte scored for the United States.

 Five Won't Be Allowed on Wheaties Box
 MICHAEL WILBON: One Giant Leap for Womankind
 GAME PREVIEW: Canada-U.S. Rivalry Fiercely Contested
 SATURDAY: U.S. Beats Canada in Gold Preview, 7-4
 Finland Beats China, Wins Women's Bronze

Silver Medal Means Little to Defending World Champs
Roy Makes Kick Save
Olivier Morin/AFP
Rather than being satisfied with a job well done, the Canadian women's hockey team sobbed as they received their silver medals Tuesday. In a nation where hockey is a way of life, the defending world champs found second place difficult to accept.

High school senior Angela Ruggiero
Joel Richardson/The Post
Youngest Member of U.S. Women's Team Plays Hookey for Hockey
High school senior Angela Ruggiero took the fall and winter semesters off so she could tour with the U.S. national team and participate in the Olympics. The move seems to have payed off, as Ruggiero will play in the gold medal game against Canada on Tuesday.

 Mounsey Sparks U.S.
 U.S. Women's Roster

Breaking With Custom Is Primary Goal for Japan
Japan-Germany Hockey
Gary Hershorn/Reuters
While Japan's men's hockey team could not have played its way into the Games, the host country was given a berth in the eight-team, preliminary tournament. In order to add depth to their game, football coaches were brought in to teach players like goalie Shinichi Iwasaki (left) to play more physical and to improve their hitting technique.

Ice Hockey

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