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 Nordic Skiing

bjorn daehlie
AP Photo
Norway's Daehlie Was Bjorn to Ski
The undisputed king of cross-country skiing, Norway's Bjorn Daehlie (pictured), won the 50-kilometer event Sunday for his eighth career Olympic gold medal, the most by any athlete in the Winter Games. Daehlie collapsed on the finish line after more than two hours of skiing.

Norway Wins Relay for Daehlie's Seventh
Daehlie Easily Wins 10K Classic
Countryman Denies Daehlie in 15K

Thomas Kienzie/AP
Russians Sweep Women's Events
Russia ended Italy's bid for a third consecutive gold in the 30-kilometer cross-country when Yulia Tchepalova (pictured) beat 1992 gold medalist Stefania Belmondo of Italy by 10.2 seconds. The win gave Russia a sweep of the the five women's cross-country races, and with the young and brash Tchepalova around to lead a new generation of stars, it seems assured of continued dominance in women's cross-country.

Norway Ends Japan's Run in Nordic Combined
Even with Emperor Akihito cheering them on, the Japanese could not overcome a disappointing performance on the ski-jump hill and saw their reign as Nordic team champion end after two consecutive Winter Games. Norway won the gold, giving Barte Engen Vik his second gold medal.

Russia's Elena Vaelbe
Joe Cavaretta/AP
Japan Rallies to Win Ski Jump
Takanobu Okabe and Masahiko Harada both soared to the longest jumps in Olympic history Tuesday as Japan won the team ski jumping gold it threw away in Lillehammer. In heavy snowfall, Okabe and Harada nailed 137-meter jumps before Kazuyoshi Funaki (pictured), came up with a 125-meter leap to clinch the gold in a see-saw contest.

Japan's Funaki Wins 120M Ski Jump in Perfect Style
Kazuyoshi Funaki put up perfect style marks in the 120-meter ski jump Saturday to win the first gold for Japan in ski jumping since 1972. Funaki jumped 132.5 meters to take the gold. Finland's Jani Soininen won the silver medal, while Funaki's teammate, Masahiko Harada, took the bronze.

Japan's Olympians Provide Citizens a Welcome Relief
Harada Falters Again in 90-Meter Jump; Finn Wins

Russia's Elena Vaelbe
Joe Cavaretta/AP
Russians Continue to Dominate
The Russians took their fourth women's cross-country title in Nagano by winning the gold medal in the 20-kilometer cross-country relay. Elena Vaelbe (pictured) ran the Russian's lead to 22.8-seconds over silver medalist Norway, then Larissa Lazutina crossed the finish line in 55 minutes, 13.5 seconds. Italy won a close, four-nation race for the bronze.

Kjarte Engen Vik
Juergen Schwarz/Reuters
Vik Wins Gold in Nordic Combined
Norway's Bjarte Engen Vik (pictured) cruised to the gold medal in the Nordic combined Saturday, using a huge lead built up in the ski jumping portion of the event to ease through the cross-country portion. It was Vik's first gold medal in a major event. He won a bronze at Lillehammer in 1994. Samppa Lajunen of Finland won the silver, and Valery Stoljarov of Russia took the bronze.

Russia Goes 1-2 in Women's 10K Freestyle
Russia's Larissa Lazutina picked up her second gold medal after winning the women's 10-kilometer freestyle pursuit in 28 minutes 29.9 seconds. Lazutina began the race with a five-second advantage after her 5K win Tuesday, giving her a combined time of 46:06.9.

Russian Wins 5K for 2nd Medal
Finn Wins 30K Cross-Country Event
Danilova Wins First Gold of Games

Just Because Nike's Doing it, How Kenya Blame Them?
Phillip Boit and Henry Bitok
File Photo
For those who think that Nike's sponsorship of Kenyan cross-country skiers Phillip Boit (left) and Henry Bitok (right) is sheer exploitation, The Post's Michael Wilbon reminds us that Kenya, which now owns every track event from 800 meters to the marathon, was once criticized that it would never succeed in anything beyond sprints.

Kenyan Skier Confident Despite Loss

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