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ALPINE SKIING: Picabo Street

Picabo Street

Country: United States
Born: April 3, 1971, in Triumph, Idaho
Height: 5'7"   Weight: 158 lbs.
Current Home: Triumph, Idaho

Competition Highlights

World Championships: 1996 (1st-downhill, 3rd-super G), 1993 (2nd-combined).
U.S. Championships: 1996 (1st-downhill, super G), 1994 (1st-downhill, 2nd super G), 1993 (1st-super G, 2nd-combined, 3rd-downhill).
1994 Lillehammer Winter Olympics: 2nd-downhill, 10th-super G.

Fun Facts

 Street joined the U.S. Ski Team in 1989 when she was 17. Seven years later, she became the only American skier to ever win a World Cup downhill championship crown.
 Late in 1996, she tore a crucial ligament in her left knee, which required reconstructive surgery. She stuck to a strict rehabilitation regime and is competition-ready.
 Picabo is named after the Idaho town of — what else — Picabo. As an infant, she loved to play peek-a-boo. In Native American language, Picabo means "Shining Waters."
 When she wants to get away from it all, Picabo heads for a special spot on Maui.
Source: Knight-Ridder/Tribune

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