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Panel Rules Rebagliati Can Keep His Gold Medal
Christophe Segura
Paul Chiasson/AP
An appeals panel decided Thursday to allow Canadian snowboarder Ross Rebagliati to keep the gold medal. The International Olympic Committee initially stripped him of his Olympic title after he tested positive for marijuana, yet the panel restored his victory because the international skiing federation and the IOC do not have a legal agreement that covers the drug. Earlier, Nagano police questioned Rebagliati about his drug use.

Austrian Kicked Out After Trashing Hotel
MICHAEL WILBON: Snowboarding Goes Up in Smoke
Canadian Wins First Gold on Board

U.S. Wins 2 Bronze; Drug Talk Encircles Halfpipe
U.S. Snowboarder Ross Powers
Robert F. Bukaty/AP
The U.S. took bronze medals in men's and women's halfpipe events, but the results took a back seat to the controversy over the disqualification of Ross Rebagliati. Americans Shannon Dunn and Ross Powers (pictured) finished third, while Germany's Nicola Thost won the women's gold and Gian Simmen of Switzerland the men's gold.

'Dudes' Change Language, Style of the Nagano Games
The men and women snowboarders are the official curiosity of the Nagano Winter Games. They're totally new to the Olympics and they look and sound different than the other participants. They even have their own lingo — Shredonics — that makes the simplest sentences fascinating.

American Medal Hopes Wiped Out in Women's Slalom
Karine Ruby
Petr Josek/Reuters
The United States' hopes for a medal in the women's giant slalom were wiped out on Monday as all four Americans fell on the Mount Yakebitai course. With the United States out of the picture, Karine Ruby (pictured) of France mastered both runs through steady snowfall to win the first gold medal in women's snowboarding.

Snowboarders Want to Show That Sport Has Grown Up
Lisa Kosglow
Eriko Sugita/Reuters
Frequently perceived as daredevil adolescents, snowboarders were barred from ski areas in the early 1980s. At Nagano, though, snowboarding, a cross between surfing and skateboarding, makes its Olympic debut. "I think snowboarding will liven things up a bit," said Lisa Kosglow, who earned a silver in last February's world championships.

U.S. Snowboarders Aren't Acting Uniformly

All Aboard!
generic snowboaders
Claudio Papi/Reuters
Humor columnist Dave Barry explains that snowboarding is an activity that is very popular with people who have 100 percent synthetic bodies who can hurtle down a mountainside at 50 mph and knock down mature trees with their faces and then spring to their feet and go, "Cool."

 Snow's Up!

3 U.S. Women Claim Berths
Rosey Fletcher, Chris Klug and Michelle Taggart qualified for the first U.S. snowboard team late last month, overcoming bad conditions at Mount Bachelor in Bend, Ore.

'Legend' to Boycott Games
Three-time world champion Terje Haakonsen of Norway, known as "The Legend," will boycott the Games to protest an Olympic hierarchy he called smug, pampered and undemocratic.
Parini Masters World Cup
Margherita Parini of Italy overwhelmed her opponents Jan. 17 in San Candido, Italy, to win her first World Cup snowboard giant slalom of the season.


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