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Rachel Alexander

Rachel Alexander came to the Post in the summer of 1996 to cover the Washington Capitals. She had previously worked at the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, where she covered the University of Miami Hurricanes and wrote the television/radio column. While in South Florida, she also wrote on the Miami Dolphins, the Florida Panthers, tennis and PGA events.

After the Hurricanes gig, she is just happy to be covering a beat that won't involve so many trips to the county courthouse. Actually, covering the Hurricanes taught Alexander that you can never categorize an entire group of people as lawbreakers or angels or playoff chokers. Writing Panthers stories during the Stanley Cup playoffs taught her about overtime hockey games. Both of these lessons should be helpful when covering the Capitals.

A local, Alexander grew up in Potomac, Md., where she attended Churchill High School. Like several other members of the Washington Post sports staff, she went on to Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill., or as Big Ten types call it, "football powerhouse Northwestern University." There she learned about journalism, adult responsibility and how many layers of Gortex are required for a garment to officially be called a parka. Moving to Florida from Evanston was not a difficult decision.

In her college summers, Alexander interned for several newspapers, including USA Today, the Chicago Sun-Times and The Washigton Post. In the future she hopes to learn enough of the Slovak language to understand the jokes Peter Bondra cracks on the ice to linemate Michal Pivonka. She also hopes to learn enough of the Canadian language to derive the original source of every goaltender's favorite expression: "it was amazing -- he just stood on his head."

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