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China's Show of Power

The Summer Games winds to its conclusion with an electrifying Closing Ceremonies for an Olympics that brings China forward as a sports powerhouse.

The Olympic Feed

  • Pomfret's China: Post-Olympics China?Will the act of hosting the Summer Olympics leave lasting change in China? It's an interesting question.
  • Playback: My Closing CeremoniesBefore we're forced to start paying attention to the real world again, there's still time for Paul Farhi to give out his "Playback" medals for the 2008 Summer Games.



Redeem Team Earns Name

» Sally Jenkins | There is something irresistibly affecting about such very large and serious-faced men jumping around so giddily, after beating such a smart and dogged team in Spain. » More From Jenkins


What Did You Think of China?

» Thomas Boswell | China puts on a happy face, unless you go beyond their limits, making this the most efficient and soulless Olympics of all. » More From Boswell



Closing Night

A final burst of pomp ends 17 days of sports and celebration.


Games, Framed

Jonathan Newton posts and blogs about his best images of the day.


Gold Rush

Baltimore native Michael Phelps captures a record eight gold medals.


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Phelps Haul

The Great Haul of China

Graphic | Michael Phelps's record eight gold medals thrust him past Mark Spitz and secure his place in Olympic lore.

  » More: Each Medal, Recounted | Photos | Audio Slideshow
Opening Ceremonies
Opening Ceremonies

A Triumphant Opening to the 29th Olympiad

After seven years of meticulous preparation, China opens the 2008 Beijing Olympics, celebrating the country's 5,000-year history and temporarily drawing attention away from months of controversy.

Pole Vaulting

All About Poles

A pole vaulter is part sprinter, part hurdler and part gymnast, requiring just one major piece of equipment that is both simple and extremely technical to propel him (or her) 20 feet or so into the air.

Featured Stories

In the U.S., a Golden Opportunity

» Taekwondo | Foreign Olympic hopefuls can train at U.S. facilities among the world's best.

From Russia With Love

» Gymnastics | The child of champion Russian gymnasts, Nastia Luikin will compete for the United States in Beijing.

Hurdling Queen

» Track & Field | Virginia Tech star and Richmond native Queen Harrison has overcome a life full of obstacles.

Vering Found Lift to Beijing in D.C.

» Wrestling | Brad Vering has used a stint as an American University assistant coach to reviatalize his career.

Navigating the Buddy System

» Kayak | The potential of Rick Powell and Casey Eichfeld in the C2 provides a special opportunity for the next decade.

Great Expectations

» Boxing | After winning gold at the Junior Olympics, 16-year-old Antonio Magruder has his sights set on the 2012 Games.

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Turin 2006

Turin The U.S. wins 25 medals during 17 topsy-turvy days in Italy.

Athens 2004

Athens Eight medals from Michael Phelps leads the U.S. to 103 medals.



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