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Cal Ripken While many columnists have written about Cal Ripken over the years, the following is a list of the most memorable opinion pieces on Ripken written around the time he broke Lou Gehrig's record.

  • 9/8/95: Shirley Povich: Beyond the Feat, Filling Gehrig's Shoes
  • 9/7/95: Thomas Boswell: History, Fans Embrace Ripken
  • 9/7/95: Tony Kornheiser: In Cal, We See a Picture of America
  • 9/7/95: Michael Wilbon: On Top of Everything, Game's Best Hope
  • 9/6/95: Thomas Boswell: Nothing Streaky About Cal
  • 9/6/95: Charles Krauthammer: One for the Book: Consummate Prose
  • 9/6/95: Dick Schaap: Scalping: Great Players Eventually Thin Out
  • 9/6/95: Frank Deford: From Baltimore, Another Working-Class Hero
  • 9/6/95: Jon Miller: Brotherly Love and Competition
  • 9/6/95: Thomas Boswell: Not Standard Practice, But We Should Go
  • 9/6/95: Shirley Povich: 2nd to Ruth, 2nd to Ripken

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