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For Jack Kent Cooke, Stadium a Lasting Memorial
Tony Kornheiser
Hail to
The Squire
Joe Gibbs
AP Photo
On a day that seemed perfect for football, 400 mourners — including former Redskins coach Joe Gibbs (pictured), turned out at an invitation-only funeral in an Upperville, Va., church to bid farewell to Jack Kent Cooke on April 10, 1997. At the service, Cooke's son, John, announced a lasting memorial to his father: The team will name its new stadium after Cooke.

Cooke's Last Will and Testament

Cooke in Pictures
Photo Flash Take a look back at Jack Kent Cooke's life through pictures dating from 1959 to 1986 in our photo gallery.
Horse Country Neighbors Bid a Nonchalant Farewell
People in Upperville, a sleepy part of Virginia horse country, are not exactly known has gawkers, so it was with some curiosity, but mostly nonchalance, that they greeted the luminaries present for the funeral of Jack Kent Cooke, their Middleburg neighbor.

Owning Up to Truth: Cooke Was the Best
Michael Wilbon You didn't have to spend a lot of time with Jack Kent Cooke to understand what he was, writes The Post's Michael Wilbon: the best owner in the history of sports.

Give Him a Challenge, Cooke Would Meet It
Shirley Povich Throughout his life, Jack Kent Cooke had lofty dreams and an ego to match, wrote Shirley Povich. But there was no one better at turning those dreams into reality.

In His Own Way, the Squire Was a Real Prince
"He brought us the greatest 10 years of football this city has ever known or probably ever will know."
— Ex-Redskin Sam Huff on Cooke
Tony Kornheiser Jack Kent Cooke may not have been liked by all, but he sure liked being Jack Kent Cooke, writes Post columnist
Tony Kornheiser.

SHAPIRO: A Difficult but Happy Man | JUSTICE: Building With Trust

John Kent Cooke Sr. Read about John Kent Cooke Sr.
Quietly, John Kent Cooke Heads
Into the Glare of the Spotlight

After decades of quiet service to the Redskins, John Kent Cooke Sr. — Jack's only surviving son — is expected to
inherit control of a family estate valued by Forbes magazine at $825 million. That will almost surely thrust him into a spotlight he never has been comfortable with. While John has his father's blue eyes, he does not possess his imperious personality.

Cooke's Legacy Includes Redskins' Stable Future
Redskins Helmet The death of Jack Kent Cooke comes soon after he took steps to ensure the stability of the Redskins by signing Coach Norv Turner and General Manager Charley Casserly to contract extensions. So there's little reason to believe the transition to John Kent Cooke's control will be anything but seamless.

Redskins' Family Mourns a Monumental Loss
Charley Casserly
TWP Photo

Quotes From Casserly, Turner

Other Quotes on Cooke

GM Charley Casserly (pictured) and Coach Norv Turner
mourned the loss of Jack Kent Cooke on April 7, remembering the good times and the lessons learned.

Cooke Remembered With Respect, Exasperation
"He was the most positive man I ever met, but he didn't make all that money by being a nice guy all the time."
— Ex-Redskin Mark Moseley
Jack Kent Cooke may not have held political office, but he brushed shoulders with just about everyone who did. Those he encountered remembered him with respect and some exasperation.

At New Stadium, Workers Pay Tribute | Fans Carry Fond Memories

Cooke in 1971
TWP File Photo
A True Washington Monument
He went from a door-to-door encyclopedia salesman to a giant of the business world, leaving behind holdings estimated at between $700 million and $1.2 billion. But more importantly, Jack Kent Cooke did it
his way.

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