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Quote Sheet From Sunday's Redskins Game

Steve Spurrier  |   Tim Hasselbeck  |   Champ Bailey
Compiled by Gene Wang Correspondent
Web Posted: Monday, Nov. 24, 2003; 3:01 a.m. EST

Coach Steve Spurrier
Q: What are your thoughts about the game?
A: We had a couple of chances to move down for a field goal in the fourth quarter, but we didn't get it done. They beat us in the fourth quarter, and they won the game. I'm really proud of Tim Hasselbeck. He went in the game, competed his heart out and showed a lot of moxie. Patrick [Ramsey] had a slight concussion, but I think he will be fine for next week.

Q: Do you think the Dolphins figured out Hasselbeck in the second half?
A: We had one long drive that took up the whole third quarter, but unfortunately we didn't score a touchdown. Obviously, we wish we had tried to run a little bit more when we threw those three passes. We had some chances.

Q: Why wasn't Chad Morton returning punts?
A: Chad didn't practice all week, and Patrick Johnson was out there on the practice field. Pat tried to make a play after their guy boomed a punt. He was trying to make a play. He bobbled it, and they recovered.

Q: Did you scale back the offense for Hasselbeck?
A: No, he knows the offense. He is a smart young man, and he deserved to be a winner tonight. But it didn't work out for any of us.

Tim Hasselbeck
Q: What are your thoughts about the game?
A: I thought that in the first half, we moved the ball pretty good and felt like I was seeing things pretty accurately. The guys around me were making plays, but I really think that in the second half we needed to move the ball better than we did. I missed some opportunities, and there were definitely some things I would clean up if I had the opportunity to get it back. We didn't win the game, and I'm going to try to improve and do the things that I'm coached to do.

Q: Can you talk about running the offense?
A: The thing is that I felt like I remained pretty relaxed throughout the whole thing. The only way that I can describe it is when I drop back, you just want to make sure that you are seeing things properly, and I felt like I was seeing it okay. Guys were making plays for me. For example, on the touchdown, it was set up on a play earlier when I hit Laveranues Coles on a curl, and a couple of plays later he had the stutter move and ran right by. The guys around me were just playing well. We were running the ball pretty good. I had some check downs to the backs, and they were doing a good job of being urgent and getting out, catching the ball and making some big plays.

Q: Did you think you had a chance to start?
A: There was a chance, but knowing how competitive Patrick is, I pretty much knew that he was going to start the game. He went out before the game and tested it out, and from there I knew that if I was going to play, it would be as the backup.

Champ Bailey
Q: Can you talk about Jay Fielder?
A: He came in and made a few plays, but it wasn't anything that different to us. Maybe it was to them. We just didn't make the plays in the fourth quarter.

Q: What are your thoughts about the loss?
A: We need to learn how to finish. This is reality. It's nothing like a bad dream. It's been like this for years now since I've been here. It's getting frustrating.

Q: What about blowing a lead in the fourth quarter?
A: We had the game right in the palm of our hands, but we looked like an elementary school team in the fourth quarter. We didn't make the plays we made in the first three quarters.

© Copyright 2003

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