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Norv Turner No breaks: Norv Turner couldn't win a call against a Redskin interception in a September 25, 1994 game against the Atlanta Falcons, just as he couldn't win much else in that dreadful 3-13 year.
(John McDonnell/The Washington Post)
Cooke wondered if Turner had flipped his lid, but he was pleasantly surprised. In what might have been Frerotte's first and last chance to show the world that he belonged in the NFL, he completed 17 of 32 passes for 226 yards and two touchdowns as the Redskins defeated the Colts, 41-27.

Shuler had been booed almost from the moment he had stepped foot in RFK Stadium, and now Turner had a full-blown quarterback controversy. Frerotte, a big, raw, strong-armed kid making the minimum salary, had become the people's choice. Frerotte and Shuler split the playing time, with Shuler showing more in terms of raw talent but Frerotte more in terms of poise and arm strength. Almost to a man, the team's locker room sentiment joined the fans in favoring Frerotte.

Shuler nonetheless got back in the lineup for the final month of the season and played well enough that Turner believed he had won the job.

In the summer of 1995, there were more departures and more acquisitions. Turner showed the door to Monte Coleman, Andre Collins, Ricky Ervins, Desmond Howard, A.J. Johnson, Chip Lohmiller, Raleigh McKenzie and Mark Schlereth. Turner and Casserly also dove headlong into free agency by signing center John Gesek, tight end Scott Galbraith, safeties James Washington and Stanley Richard, linebackers Marvcus Patton and Rod Stephens and a host of others.

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