Chapter 5, Page 201

Chapter 5
Trapped in a Joke

By Tony Kornheiser

One of my neighbors down the street has a burgundy Volvo station wagon, the official car of upper Northwest Washington, and on the rear bumper is a weatherworn sticker for The Bandwagon. I don't see many of those anymore. (I don't see many Bush-Quayle stickers anymore, either.) So when I drive home at night I often look for that Volvo and that bumper sticker, and I think about what it was like getting trapped in one of my own jokes, about the strange sensation of being taken (gulp) seriously by everybody.

Everybody has his favorite Redskins team.

Mine is 1991, the year the Redskins won the Super Bowl in Minneapolis.

The year of The Bandwagon.

I first used the word "bandwagon" after the fourth game of the season. At that point the Redskins were 4-0, and scoring 36 points a game, and I was looking . . .

Excuse me, Tony, but are you going to start self-referencing here, like you did throughout that season? Your ego was bigger than Joe Jacoby — and not Joe Jacoby's ego, Joe Jacoby! Every week you wrote the same column. Ostensibly, it was about the Redskins, but it seemed like all you ever wrote about was yourself.

Like it's better if I write about Terry Orr?

I have a drawing in my office — the original drawing that accompanied the column after the Redskins won the Super Bowl.

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