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the train pulled into New York and George came aboard, triumphantly reporting that he had got his gridman. I stepped into the washroom to put on a lacy negligee, and then stuck my head out for a moment to ask some unimportant question. George was already sound asleep, and in the lower berth at that.

"I was still fuming, and George was still snoring, when I got myself down from the upper the next morning. George must be punished, I decided. I would make him think I had left. I dressed, slipped out into the car, and took a seat where he would be unable to see me from the room.

"In due time he appeared in the doorway and anxiously peered this way and that. Finally, in obvious agitation, he started calling for the porter. I began to feel ashamed of my little scheme. George had been dead tired from his talent hunting, and I was just being feminine and unreasonable.

"The porter came running up. 'Porter!' said George excitedly. `Have you seen anything of that big football player I brought on the train last night? I went to a lot of trouble to sign him.' "

The Marshalls were divorced in 1957. Marshall`s marriage to Boston was briefer. He closed the show after attracting only a few more to the last 1935 home game than his Redskins would draw to their first practice in Washington.

In Washington large crowds kept coming to Griffith Stadium, and the Redskins more often than not won. In 1937 they won eight games and lost three, finishing the regular season with a 14-6 victory over the defending champion Packers and a 49-14 drubbing of the Giants, in which Baugh completed 11 of 15 passes and future Hall of Famer Cliff Battles got off touchdown runs of 75 and 76 yards. An estimated 10,000 Washington fans invaded New York for that game, marching up Broadway behind the band. As Eastern Division champions for the second straight year, they would take on the Bears at Wrigley Field in Chicago.

The Redskins-Bears rivalry can be compared in Redskins' history only to the more recent one with the Dallas Cowboys. Redskins-Bears meant everything that pro football could offer: giants who trod the earth playing 60 minutes, usually on bitter-cold days, always with the most brutal combat the game allowed.

When Baugh and Battles led the Redskins into Wrigley Field, it was into freezing weather. The field was slick with ice. Both teams wore sneakers.

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