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Quiz #1 Answers (Quiz #1 Questions)

1. b) Newark

Under pressure from the young NFL, which wanted to move games to larger towns and cities, the Duluth Eskimos in 1927 sold their franchise right back to the league. That right was awareded first to a group representing Orange, New Jersey, and then to another from Newark. Marshall used Newark's franchise in Boston 1932. Some mistakenly believe that he acquired the Duluth franchise, others that it was Pottsville's. The Pottsville franchise was used to establish a different Boston team, the Bulldogs, which folded in the late 1920s.

2. Running back Steve Bagarus was the only Redskins player to wear the numbers 00.

3. Team captain Turk Edwards. He went on to become a Redskins line coach and then head coach for three seasons, 1946 through 1948.

4. Running back Cliff Battles, quarterback Sammy Baugh, tackle Turk Edwards, head coach Ray Flaherty, owner George Preston Marshall and end Wayne Milner.

5. b) First downs.

6. In an October 10, 1948 game against the Steelers at Pittsburgh, when the Redskins went 160 yards in reverse on 17 penalties. For that season as a whole, the Redskins were called for 122 penalties, another team record.

7. a) Auto racing and b) basketball. Marshall participated in a failed venture to popularize auto racing at Roosevelt Raceway in New York. His laundry chain also sponsored a basketball team in Washington called the Palace Big Five.

8. Running back Cal Rossi. The first year's pick was nullified because he was still a junior in college. So the Redskins drafted him No. 1 again the next year. But Rossi, who decided not to pursue a pro football career, never played.

9. In 1949, John Whelchel, a former admiral who had coached for Navy, lasted just seven games.

10. King of the Texas Rangers.

Quiz #2 Answers (Quiz #2 Questions)

1. The American Oil Company, or Amoco.

2. Herman Ball with a record of 4-16-0, or a winning percentage of .200. A close runner-up was Mike Nixon, whose record was 4-18-2, or .208.

3. Running back Johnny Olszewski.

4. Bobby Mitchell, who gained 1,436 receiving yards in 1963.

5. Roy Barni

6. Chris Hanburger, who went to nine Pro Bowl games. Second was Charley Taylor, who appeared in eight.

7. Bill Dudley. He returned a punt 96 yards for a touchdown against the Steelers in December 1950.

8. c) 113 points (the score was 72-41).

9. In 1959 the No. 1 pick was Bob Allard of Boston College, who went to Canada, and in 1960 Richii Lucas of Penn State, who went to Buffalo in the AFL.

10. Billy Wells. He ran 88 yards from scrimmage for a touchdown against the Cardinals in November 1954.

Quiz #3 Answers (Quiz #3 Questions)

1. Diron Talbert

2. The assistants: Charlie Waller (Chargers), Charley Winner (Cardinals), Marv Levy (Bills), Ted Marchibroda (Colts/Ravens) and Mike McCormack (Eagles/Colts); The players: Richie Petitbon (Redskins), Jack Pardee (Oilers/Redskins/Bears), Sam Wyche (Bengals/Buccaneers)

3. Charley Harraway

4. Cornerback Pat Fischer, who stood up for him when McDole converted to Catholicism while they were at the University of Nebraska.

5. Frank Grant. He gained 776 receiving yards to Taylor's 744 and scored eight touchdowns to Faylor's six. Taylor, however, had more catches, 53 to 41.

6. Sam Wyche.

7. Sammy Baugh, Monte Coleman and Don Warren.

8. Mark Moseley, with 1,207.

9. Eight. While three, not surprisingly, are from the 1940s (guard Tom Bedore and backs Larry Fuller and Reid Lennan), two played in the 1950s (back Dale Atkeson and tackle Jim Norman), one in the 1960s (kicker Gene Mingo) and two in the 1970s (running back Ralph Nelson in addition to Mul-Key).

10. Brig Owens and Sammy Baugh.

Quiz #4 Answers (Quiz #4 Questions)

1. Joe Washington, in 1981.

2. Richie Petitbon (Redskins), Joe Bugel (Cardinals and Raiders) and Dan Henning (Chargers).

3. Quarterback.

4. Wilber Jackson, with 708 yards.

5. Cowboys coach Tom Landry.

6. Ali Haji-Sheikh.

7. Dexter Manley, with 97.5.

8. Barry Wilburn.

9. Tony Peters.

10. Gerald Riggs, who gained 221 yards rushing in 29 attempts.

Quiz #5 Answers (Quiz #5 Questions)

1. Darrell Green, James Jenkins, Brian Mitchell and Ed Simmons.

2. The San Francisco 49ers.

3. 9

4. 28

5. A fumble.

6. Jeff Rutledge

7. Earnest Byner, Gary Clark, Darrell Green, Jim Lachey, Chip Lohmiller, Charles Mann, Mark Rypien and Mark Schlereth.

8. 12.6 yards

9. 122

10. The Redskins Hall of Famers are running back Cliff Battles, quarterback Sammy Baugh, running back Bill Dudley, tackle Turk Edwards, coach Ray Flaherty, coach Joe Gibbs, coach Otto Graham, safety Ken Houston, linebacker Sam Huff, defensive end David (Beacon) Jones, defensive tackle Stan Jones, quarterback Sonny Jurgensen, coach Curly Lambeau, coach Vince Lombardi, founder George Preston Marshall, end Wayne Milner, flanker Bobby Mitchell, running back John Riggins and wide receiver Charley Taylor.

Trivia Quiz Answers — Page 242-243

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