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In 1940, Marshall's tirades infuriated the Bears. Washington fans were on edge. The Washington Post, giving unique advance notice, advertised that the game account would appear Monday on the front page. Who could have imagined how bad the news would be? A crowd of 36,034 squeezed into Griffith Stadium. And then: The Bears scored 11 touchdowns.

Unbelievable, but true: 73-0.

The Post did not print the game account on the front page. If the turning point of that game wasn't the dawning of day itself, some placed it early in the first period when the Redskins suffered a mishap. The Bears had taken a 7-0 lead in the first minute as Chicago's (Bullet) Bill Osmanski swept around left end and raced down the sideline 68 yards. Halas would say later, "When I saw the type of blocking we were getting on that play, I knew it was only a question of the final score."

Still, when the Redskins got the ball back, it looked to be a game. Max Krause, the first player Flaherty obtained by trade, returned the kickoff 56 yards to the Bears' 40-yard line. From there Baugh calmly continued the attack. At the Chicago 26-yard-line, he threw to Charley Malone for what appeared a certain touchdown. But Malone dropped the pass. What followed was the Redskins' Waterloo.

An irate Marshall stormed into the dressing room afterward. Reporters surrounded him. "They quit," Marshall screamed. "Some of our players were yellow. There were too many high-paid players on our club trying to get by on their reputation. There'll be plenty of new faces next year."

Marshall also blamed Filchock for not using Todd and the recovered Farkas to run the ball. Filchock, when informed of this, suggested that the score was 21-0 when he first got to play and that passes were in order.

A reporter asked Baugh what he thought would have happened had Malone caught the pass. "The score would have been 73-7," Baugh replied.

Tackle Jim Barber recalled: "My locker was close and I thought, 'Damn good answer, Sam.' We stunk it up pretty bad. But then everybody in town had an excuse for us. Walking downtown, nobody said, 'Hey, you bums.' They were all for us. 'You just had a bad day.' "

Jock Sutherland, Brooklyn's coach, saw it all and summed it up. "The Bears," he said, "were just the greatest team I ever saw."

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