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Wilbur Moore was injured in that game and had to be hospitalized for surgery. Krause gave blood for the transfusion Moore needed. The Redskins lost once more to the Giants the following week, to set up yet a third straight Redskins-Giants game, this one for the Eastern title. The Redskins won the most important of the three consecutive meetings: Moore returned faster than expected, adding inspiration to Baugh`s 16-for-21 handiwork in a 28-0 victory. Moore's effort moved line coach Turk Edwards to remark, "That was Max running the ball out there on Wilbur Moore's legs. You couldn't lick a combination like that, with Krause's blood on top of the Moore's courage."

And so for the world championship one more time . . . the Chicago Bears.

Baugh and Luckman would duel in the wind — at least that was the prospect in Chicago. But Baugh was kicked in the head while making a tackle on Luckman on a punt return, and he had to be helped from the field. He suffered a mild concussion, missing two-thirds of the game, and the Bears won easily, 41-21. Luckman had a good day — five touchdown passes. Bundled in blankets against the cold, Baugh wept on the Redskins bench as teammates leaned close to him, trying to console him.

"What's going on out there? Why won't they let me play?" Baugh reportedly cried.

"What's the matter, Baugh, lost your guts?" a Bear is said to have shouted at him.

One more time, too, Marshall took to the field, showing up close to the Chicago bench near the end of the first half. Ralph Brizzolara, the Bears' president, yelled at him, "You're trying to listen in on our strategy talks. You're trying to steal our plays."

"Like hell I am," Marshall responded. "I came down here to see you and Halas at the half, and I got here too early. I'm just standing here waiting for the half to end."

Police and ushers had to escort Marshall away. He repaired to the Redskins' locker room, where he futilely ordered them to win.

The Bears victory left an impression of another kind on Marshall. Luckman had switched successfully to the T-formation, and now Marshall thought it time for Baugh to do the same. So in 1944, with Bergman retired to broadcasting and Dudley DeGroot in as the next head coach, it was T time in Washington. "We didn't have a boy on the team who had played the T," Baugh recalled.

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