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Marshall made no effort to bring back Flaherty after the war. It was evident why. "Ray didn't let anybody dominate him, which was difficult when he was working for Marshall," recalled his wife.

Flaherty signed on in 1946 as head coach of the New York Yankees of the new All- American Football Conference. Flaherty's Yankees were impressive: 10-3-1 in 1946 and 11-2-1 in 1947 before he had a falling-out with owner Dan Topping after four games in 1948. In 1949 Flaherty accepted the impossible task of trying to make the AAFC's Chicago Hornets respectable. He then retired to Hayden Lake, Idaho, and was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1976. He died in 1994 at the age of 90.

As the AAFC went after big-name players and coaches from the NFL, salaries went up a bit, but Marshall failed to keep pace. "Mr. Marshall started getting rid of some of the boys," Baugh said. "Only one guy I ever told Mr. Marshall to keep. I said, `Don't ever get rid of Filchock. He's a hell of a good quarterback.' Two years later, he traded him to the Giants."

The Redskins were aging, Marshall let players go, and Marshall never again found a coach to match Flaherty. The best the Redskins could offer, for a long time beginning in the late 1940s, were individual standouts. Mostly, though, there were dreary defeats. The Post's Shirley Povich put this bottom line to one of the Redskins' particularly harsh losses in 1947, a 56-20 thrashing by the Bears: "They are suffering from Halas-tosis." In the lean late-1940s — and for years to come — they suffered a form of it against every other team, too.

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