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Herb Mul-Key
One for the unknowns: Herb Mul-Key, picked from hundreds of would-be players in open-to-all tryouts, fires up the gut of the Dallas Doomsday Defense for 34 yards in a December 1972 game. (Richard Darcey/The Washington Post)

Kilmer had played well in New England, and the Redskins felt that they had been robbed of a touchdown over a ball that they thought had been ruled recovered in the end zone. Instead, a safety had been awarded, and the Redskins ultimately lost by one point, 24-23.

The following week before the Eagles game at RFK Stadium, reporters covering practice noticed that Jurgensen was spending far more time with the first unit than he had all season. When Washington Post reporter George Solomon asked Allen whether he was planning to start Jurgensen, the coach snapped back, "That's my business. Personnel changes are strategy, and I refuse to have anyone writing about strategy at my practices. You're helping the enemy. The players and coaches are fed up with this. This is my team, and I say you can't write about our playing a new guard, or linebacker. It will help the other team."

The next day, Allen closed his practice to the press after The Post reported Jurgensen's increased load under a headline "Jurgensen Steps Up Drills, Speculation Irks Allen." After the workout, Allen told reporters, "If we lose Sunday, you can feel good because you'll be at fault."

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