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Charley Taylor
Too late: Backup Dallas cornerback Mark Washington makes a futile leap as Charley Taylor pulls in a touchdown pass in the 1972 Redskins playoff victory.
(Richard Darcey/The Washington Post)
Allen wanted to begin preparations for Super Bowl VII immediately, considering it imperative that the team stay on the same schedule as always to keep its momentum going and to avoid distractions. Regular practices were called all week, long meetings were held upstairs in Redskins Park, and the coaching staff reviewed hours of Miami films, burning the midnight oil every night after the players had gone home.

The team flew to California on Sunday, and Allen clearly was nervous about what they would face. There would be adoring fans, plenty of diversions all over Southern California and the usual media mob.

The first problem of the week occurred on Tuesday night. Jim Snowden, a reserve tackle who was injured and not even eligible to play, was caught trying to slip out a window of the team's Newport Beach hotel after curfew. He was not alone — several other players also were missing in action that night — but Snowden was the only one caught. Allen was furious. He wanted to send him home the next day and fine him as well. But when it was learned that several starters were among the others who were AWOL, cooler heads prevailed and Snowden was allowed to stay.

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