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Mike Shanahan's offense in Denver was consistenly among the league's elite, helping the Broncos win two Super Bowls. These examples should give you some insight into his thinking as he tries to reinvigorate the Redskins.
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Taking a pass on goal-line running plays

In 2009, Washington’s offense was no scoring juggernaut, but one key fact stands out: While the Redskins were ineffective rushing in the red zone, they were among the best in the league in red-zone passing. Taking advantage of this discrepancy, while overcoming an offensive line that prevents them from dominating at the goal line with the running game, will be one of Mike Shanahan’s key tasks. This play — called Fake 15 Quarterback Keep Pass Right — uses motion to send the defense the wrong way and gives the quarterback a free pass to the end zone.
— Doug Farrar

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