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2005(19 Movies)

MovieGross in MillionsDirector
"Star Wars: Episode III
– Revenge of the Sith"
$380.2George Lucas
"Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire"$286.3Mike Newell
"The Chronicles of Narnia:
the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe"
$281.7Andrew Adamson
"War of the Worlds"$234.3Steven Spielberg
"King Kong"$213.1Peter Jackson
"Wedding Crashers"$209.2David Dobkin
"Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"$206.4Tim Burton
"Batman Begins"$205.3Christopher Nolan
"Madagascar"$193.1Eric Darnell,
Tom McGrath,
Conrad Vernon
"Mr. & Mrs. Smith"$186.3Doug Liman
"Hitch"$177.5 Andy Tennant
"The Longest Yard"$158.1Peter Segal
"Fantastic Four"$154.7Tim Story
"Chicken Little"$133.5Mark Dindal
"Robots"$128.2Chris Wedge
"The Pacifier"$113Adam Shankman
"Walk the Line"$110.7James Mangold
"The 40-Year-Old Virgin"$109.2Judd Apatow
"Fun With Dick and Jane"$106.2Dean Parisot

2004 (24 Movies)

"Shrek 2"$436.4 Andrew Adamson, Conrad Vernon and Kelly Asbury
"Spider-Man 2"$373.4 Sam Raimi
"The Passion of the Christ"$370.2 Mel Gibson
"Meet the Fockers"$279.1 Jay Roach
"The Incredibles"$261.4 Brad Bird
"Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban"$249.3 Alfonso Cuaron
"The Day After Tomorrow"$186.7 Peter Segal
"The Bourne Supremacy"$176 Paul Greengrass
"The Polar Express"$173.6Robert Zemeckis
"National Treasure"$173 Jon Turteltaub
"Shark Tale"$160.8 Rob Letterman,
Bibo Bergeron,
Vicky Jenson
"I, Robot"$144.7 Alex Proyas
"Troy"$133.2 Wolfgang Petersen
"Ocean's Twelve"$125.4 Steven Soderbergh
"50 First Dates"$120.8 Roland Emmerich
"Van Helsing"$120 Stephen Sommers
"Fahrenheit 9/11"$119.1 Michael Moore
"A Series of Unfortunate Events"$118.6 Brad Silberling
"Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story"$114.3 Rawson Marshall Thurber
"The Village"$114.2 M. Night Shyamalan
"The Grudge"$110.1 Takashi Shimizu
"The Aviator"$102.6 Martin Scorsese
"Million Dollar Baby"$100.4 Clint Eastwood
"Collateral"$100 Michael Mann

2003(29 Movies)

"The Lord of the Rings:
The Return of the King"
$377 Peter Jackson
"Finding Nemo"$339.7 Andrew Stanton
"Pirates of the Caribbean:
The Curse of the Black Pearl"
$305.4 Gore Verbinski
"The Matrix Reloaded"$281.5 Andy and Larry Wachowski
"Bruce Almighty"$242.5 Tom Shadyac
"X2"$214.9 Bryan Singer
"Elf"$173.8 Jon Favreau
"Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines"$150.3 Jonathan Mostow
"The Matrix Revolutions"$139.2 Andy and Larry Wachowski
"Cheaper by the Dozen"$138.6 Shawn Levy
"Bad Boys II"$138.3 Michael Bay
"Anger Management"$133.7 Peter Segal
"Bringing Down the House"$132.5 Adam Shankman
"The Hulk"$132.1 Ang Lee
"2 Fast 2 Furious"$127 John Singleton
"Something's Gotta Give"$124.6 Nancy Meyers
"Seabiscuit"$120.1 Gary Ross
"S.W.A.T."$116.6 Clark Johnson
"Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over"$111.7 Robert Rodriguez
"The Last Samurai"$111 Edward Zwick
"Freaky Friday"$110.2 Mark S. Waters
"Scary Movie 3"$110 David Zucker
"The Italian Job"$106.1 F. Gary Gray
"How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days"$105.5 Donald Petrie
"American Wedding"$104.3 Joseph 'McG' McGinty Nichol
"Daddy Day Care"$104.1 Steve Carr
"Daredevil"$102.5 Mark Steven Johnson
"Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle"$100.6 Jesse Dylan
"Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat"$100.4 Bo Welch

2002 (24 Movies)

"Spider-Man"$405.7 Sam Raimi
"The Lord of the Rings:
The Two Towers"
$339.7 Peter Jackson
"Star Wars: Episode II
– Attack of the Clones"
$310.7 George Lucas
"Harry Potter and
the Chamber of Secrets"
$261.9 Chris Columbus
"My Big Fat Greek Wedding"$241.4 Joel Zwick
"Signs"$227.9 M. Night Shyamalan
"Austin Powers in Goldmember"$213.1 Jay Roach
"Men in Black II"$192.4 Barry Sonnenfeld
"Ice Age"$176.4 Chris Wedge
"Chicago"$170.6 Rob Marshall
"Catch Me if You Can"$164.4 Steven Spielberg
"Die Another Day""$160.2 Lee Tamahori
"Scooby-Doo"$153.3 Raja Gosnell
"Lilo & Stitch"$145.7 Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois
"XXX"$141.2 Rob Cohen
"The Santa Clause 2"$139.2 Michael Lembeck
"Minority Report"$132 Steven Spielberg
"The Ring"$128.5 Gore Verbinski
"Sweet Home Alabama"$127.2 Andy Tennant
"Mr. Deeds"$126.2 Steven Brill
"The Bourne Identity"$121.5 Doug Liman
"The Sum of All Fears"$118.5 Phil Alden Robinson
"8 Mile"$116.7 Curtis Hanson
"Road to Perdition"$104 Sam Mendes

2001 (20 Movies)

"Harry Potter and
the Sorcerer's Stone"
$317.6 Chris Columbus
"The Lord of the Rings:
The Fellowship of the Ring"
$313.4 Peter Jackson
"Shrek"$267.7 Andrew Adamson
and Vicky Jenson
"Monsters, Inc."$255.8 Peter Docter and
David Silverman
"Rush Hour 2"$226 Brett Ratner
"The Mummy Returns"$202 Stephen Sommers
"Pearl Harbor"$198.5 Michael Bay
"Ocean's Eleven"$183.4 Steven Soderbergh
"Jurassic Park III"$181.2 Joe Johnston
"Planet of the Apes"$180 Tim Burton
"A Beautiful Mind"$170.7 Ron Howard
"Hannibal"$165.1 Ridley Scott
"American Pie 2"$145.1 James B. Rogers
"The Fast and the Furious"$144.5 Rob Cohen
"Lara Croft: Tomb Raider"$131.1 Simon West
"Dr. Dolittle 2"$112.9 Steve Carr
"Spy Kids"$112.7 Robert Rodriguez
"Black Hawk Down"$108.6 Ridley Scott
"The Princess Diaries"$108.2 Garry Marshall
"Vanilla Sky"$100.6 Cameron Crowe

2000 (22 Movies)

"How the Grinch Stole Christmas"$260 Ron Howard
"Cast Away"$233.6 Robert Zemeckis
"Mission: Impossible 2"$215.4 John Woo
"Gladiator"$187.7 Ridley Scott
"What Women Want"$182.8 Nancy Meyers
"The Perfect Storm"$182.6 Wolfgang Petersen
"Meet the Parents"$166.2 Jay Roach
"The X-Men"$157.3 Bryan Singer
"Scary Movie"$157 Keenen Ivory Wayans
"What Lies Beneath"$155.4 Robert Zemeckis
"Dinosaur"$137.7 Ralph Zondag and
Eric Leighton
"Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"$127.9 Ang Lee
"Erin Brockovich"$125.5 Steven Soderbergh
"Charlie's Angels"$125.3 Joseph McGinty Nichol
"Traffic"$124.1 Steven Soderbergh
"Nutty Professor II: The Klumps"$123.3 Peter Segal
"Big Momma's House"$117.6 Raja Gosnell
"Remember the Titans"$115.6 Boaz Yakin
"The Patriot"$113.3 Roland Emmerick
"Miss Congeniality"$106.8 Donald Petrie
"Chicken Run"$106.8 Peter Lord
and Nick Park
"Gone in 60 Seconds"$101.6 Dominic Sena

1999 (21 Movies)

"Star Wars: Episode I
– The Phantom Menace"
$431 George Lucas
"The Sixth Sense"$293.5 M. Night Shyamalan
"Toy Story 2"$245.8 John Lasseter
and Ash Brannon
"Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me"$205.9 Jay Roach
"The Matrix"$171.4 Andy and Larry Wachowski
"Tarzan"$171 Chris Buck
and Kevin Lima
"Big Daddy"$163.5 Dennis Dugan
"The Mummy"$155.2 Stephen Sommers
"Runaway Bride"$152.1 Garry Marshall
"The Blair Witch Project"$140.5 Dan Myrick and
Eduardo Sanchez
"Stuart Little"$140 Rob Minkoff
"The Green Mile"$136.8 Frank Darabont
"American Beauty"$130 Sam Mendes
"The World Is Not Enough"$126.9 Michael Apted
"Double Jeopardy"$116.7 Bruce Beresford
"Notting Hill"$116.1 Roger Michell
"Wild Wild West"$113.8 Barry Sonnenfeld
"Analyze This"$106.8 Harold Ramis
"The General's Daughter"$102.7 Simon West
"American Pie"$101.7 Paul Weitz and
Chris Weitz
"Sleepy Hollow"$101 Tim Burton

1998 (18 Movies)

"Saving Private Ryan"$216.2 Steven Spielberg
"Armageddon"$201.6 Michael Bay
"There's Something About Mary"$176.4 Bobby and
Peter Farrelly
"A Bug's Life"$162.7 John Lasseter and
Andrew Stanton
"The Waterboy"$161.5 Frank Coraci
"Doctor Dolittle"$144.1 Betty Thomas
"Rush Hour"$141.2 Brett Ratner
"Deep Impact"$140.4 Mimi Leder
"Godzilla"$136.1 Roland Emmerich
"Patch Adams"$135 Tom Shadyac
"Lethal Weapon 4"$130.4 Richard Donner
"The Truman Show"$125.6 Peter Weir
"Mulan"$120.6 Tony Bancroft
and Barry Cook
"You've Got Mail"$115.7 Nora Ephron
"Enemy of the State"$111.5 Tony Scott
"The Prince of Egypt"$101.3 Brenda Chapman
and Steve Hickner
"The Rugrats Movie"$100.4 Igor Kovalyov
and Norton Virg
"Shakespeare in Love"$100.2 John Madden

1997 (16 Movies)

"Titanic"$600.7 James Cameron
"Men in Black"$250.1 Barry Sonnenfeld
"The Lost World: Jurassic Park"$229.1 Steven Spielberg
"Liar Liar"$181.4 Tom Shadyac
"Air Force One"$172.6 Wolfgang Petersen
"As Good as It Gets"$147.6 James L. Brooks
"Good Will Hunting"$138.3 Gus Van Sant
"Star Wars" (rerelease)$138.2 George Lucas
"My Best Friend's Wedding"$126.8 P.J. Hogan
"Tomorrow Never Dies"$125.3 Roger Spottiswoode
"Face/Off"$112.2 John Woo
"Batman and Robin"$107.3 Joel Schumacher
"George of the Jungle"$105.3 Sam Weisman
"Scream 2"$101.3 Wes Craven
"Con Air"$101.1 Simon West
"Contact"$100.9 Robert Zemeckis

1996 (15 Movies)

"Independence Day"$306 Roland Emmerich
"Twister"$241.6 Jan de Bont
"Mission: Impossible"$181 Brian De Palma
"Jerry Maguire"$153.6 Cameron Crowe
"Ransom"$136.4 Ron Howard
"101 Dalmatians"$136.2 Stephen Herek
"The Rock"$134 Michael Bay
"The Nutty Professor"$128.8 Tom Shadyac
"The Birdcage"$124 Mike Nichols
"A Time to Kill"$108.7 Joel Schumacher
"The First Wives Club"$105.4 Hugh Wilson
"Phenomenon"$104.6 Jon Turteltaub
"Scream"$103 Wes Craven
"Eraser"$101.3 Chuck Russell
"The Hunchback
of Notre Dame"
$101.1 Gary Trousdale
and Kirk Wise

1995 (10 Movies)

"Toy Story"$191.8 John Lasseter
"Batman Forever"$184 Joel Schumacher
"Apollo 13"$172 Ron Howard
"Pocahontas"$141.6 Mike Gabriel and
Eric Goldberg
"Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls"$108.3 Steve Oedekerk
"Goldeneye"$106.4 Martin Campbell
"Jumanji"$100.4 Joe Johnston
"Casper"$100.3 Brad Silberling
"Seven"$100.1 David Fincher
"Die Hard With a Vengeance"$100 John McTiernan

1994 (12 Movies)

"Forrest Gump"$329.7 Robert Zemeckis
"The Lion King"$312.9 Roger Allers and
Rob Minkoff
"True Lies"$146.3 James Cameron
"The Santa Clause"$144.8 Mike Gabriel and
Eric Goldberg
"The Flintstones"$130.5 Brian Levan
"Dumb and Dumber"$127.2 Peter Farrelly
"Clear and Present Danger"$122 Phillip Noyce
"Speed"$121.2 Jan de Bont
"The Mask"$119.9 Chuck Russell
"Pulp Fiction"$107.9 Quentin Tarantino
"Interview With the Vampire"$105.2 Neil Jordan
"Maverick"$101.6 Richard Donner

1993 (8 Movies)

"Jurassic Park"$356.8 Steven Spielberg
"Mrs. Doubtfire"$219.2 Chris Columbus
"The Fugitive"$183.7 Andrew Davis
"The Firm"$158.3 Sydney Pollack
"Sleepless in Seattle"$126.6 Nora Ephron
"Indecent Proposal"$106.6 Adrian Lyn
"In the Line of Fire"$102.2 Wolfgang Petersen
"The Pelican Brief"$100.7 Alan J. Pakula

1992 (11 Movies)

"Aladdin"$217.4 Ron Clements
and John Musker
"Home Alone 2: Lost in New York"$172.7 Chris Columbus
"Batman Returns"$162.8 Tim Burton
"Lethal Weapon 3"$144.7 Richard Donner
"A Few Good Men"$141.3 Rob Reiner
"Sister Act"$139.6 Emile Ardolino
"The Bodyguard"$121.9 Mick Jackson
"Wayne's World"$121.7 Penelope Spheeris
"Basic Instinct"$117.7 Paul Verhoeven
"A League of Their Own"$107.5 Penny Marshall
"Unforgiven"$101.2 Clint Eastwood

1991 (8 Movies)

"Terminator 2:
Judgment Day"
$204.4 James Cameron
"Robin Hood:
Prince of Thieves"
$165.5 Kevin Reynolds
"Beauty and the Beast"$144.8 Gary Trousdale
and Kirk Wise
"The Silence of the Lambs"$130.7 Jonathan Demme
"City Slickers"$123.5 Ron Underwood
"Hook"$119.7 Steven Spielberg
"The Addams Family"$113.4 Barry Sonnenfeld
"Sleeping With the Enemy"$101.6 Joseph Ruben

1990 (9 Movies)

"Home Alone"$285 Chris Columbus
"Ghost"$217.6 Jerry Zucker
"Dances With Wolves"$184.2 Kevin Costner
"Pretty Woman"$178.4 Garry Marshall
"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"$135.3 Steve Barron
"The Hunt for Red October"$120.7 John McTiernan
"Total Recall"$119.4 Paul Verhoeven
"Die Hard 2: Die Harder"$117.4 Renny Harlin
"Dick Tracy"$103.7 Warren Beatty

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