Elvis Presley


"Love Me Tender"

"Loving You"

"Jailhouse Rock"

"King Creole"

"G.I. Blues"

"Flaming Star"

"Wild in the Country"

"Blue Hawaii"

"Follow That Dream"

"Kid Galahad"

"Girls! Girls! Girls!"

"It Happened at the World's Fair"

"Fun in Acapulco"

"Kissin' Cousins"

"Viva Las Vegas"


"Girl Happy"

"Tickle Me"

"Harum Scarum"

"Frankie and Johnny"

"Paradise, Hawaiian Style"


"Easy Come,
Easy Go"

"Double Trouble"


"Stay Away, Joe"


"Live a Little,
Love a Little"


"The Trouble With Girls"

"Change of Habit"

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Life on the Road With Presley
Scotty MooreScotty Moore was Elvis's right hand, the lead guitarist who gave the King the electric prod toward greatness.

Elvis Presley Died in 1977
The King From The Washington Post, Aug. 17, 1977:

Elvis Presley, who revolutionized American popular music with his earthy singing style and became a hero to two generations of rock 'n' roll fans, died yesterday in Memphis, Tenn. He was 42. Continued

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#1 Songs

March 1956

"I Want You,
I Need You,
I Love You"
June 1956

"Don't Be
August 1956

"Hound Dog"
August 1956

"Love Me
October 1956

"Too Much"
January 1957

"All Shook Up"
April 1957

"(Let Me Be Your)
Teddy Bear"
June 1957

October 1957

January 1958

"Hard Headed
June 1958

"A Big Hunk
o' Love"
July 1959

"Stuck on
April 1960

"It's Now
or Never"
July 1960

"Are You
November 1960

February 1961

"Good Luck
March 1962

September 1969