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'Dangerous Ground'

By Desson Howe
Washington Post Staff Writer
February 14, 1997

Somewhere between Ice Cubeís desire to make a politically significant movie about South Africa and his dour acting style comes this misbegotten, even laughable story.

Cube (who also co-produced the movie) plays a South African who returns from political exile to bury his father in the Transkei. He left the apartheid-ridden country when he was in his early radical teens, then grew up in South Central L.A., which conveniently explains his American accent. At the funeral, Cube learns that his youngest brother (played by Eric Miyeni) is missing and could be in trouble.

Cubeís search (in this cheap, updated rehashing of "Cry the Beloved Country," which director Darrell Root recently adapted) leads him to a white South African stripper (Elizabeth Hurley, vamping it up unconvincingly), who seems to know more than she lets on. Cube learns that his brother is connected with drugs and owes money.

This brings him in contact with Ving Rhames, a ruthless, West African drug dealer who loves watching soccer, sucking chickenís feet and killing people who donít honor their debts. Thereís more, but you donít want to know.

Contains drug use, profanity and violence.

© Copyright 1997 The Washington Post Company

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