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By Kevin McManus
Washington Post Staff Writer
March 7, 1997

Roughly half of Tim Allenís latest comedy is hilarious-stupid, and the rest is monotonous-stupid.

The premise works okay: Self-absorbed businessman Allen travels to an Amazon village to finalize a divorce from the wife he hasnít seen for 14 years; the wife tells him he has a 13-year-old son who wants to visit dadís Manhattan "jungle."

But uproariousness ensues only intermittently when man and boy arrive in New York. One running joke involves Allenís attempts to pick off houseflies with a blow gun; another involves American grown-upsí crazed reactions to a pet tarantula.

Both Allen and Martin Short (who plays his business partner) provoke major guffaws in several scenes.

When the "Jungle 2 Jungle" video comes out, youíll be able to replay these at will and laugh yourself silly. On the big screen, though, the funny moments come and go quickly and the bland ones drag on too long.

JUNGLE 2 JUNGLE (PG) ó Contains bathroom humor.

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