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Eric Brace - Weekend section, "An unqualified masterpiece."

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'The Big Sleep'

The restored copy of the original 1945 version of the film has a sightly slower pace than the one released a year later, and a touch less zingy interplay between (Humphrey) Bogart and (Lauren) Bacall, but itís still an unqualified masterpiece.

The plot is as convoluted as they come. The two lovely daughters of Gen. Sternwood -- Carmen and Vivian -- are involved in nefarious affairs in the underworld of Los Angeles. Thereís blackmail, gambling and quite a few dead bodies. Marlowe is called on to get to the bottom of it all.

Donít try too hard to follow the story, just get swept away by the mood of the film. Revel in watching Bogie and Bacall interact. Enjoy the stunning costumes, the crisp cinematography, the snappy script, the brilliant Max Steiner score. -- Eric Brace
Rated NR

Director: Howard Hawkin
Cast: Humphrey Bogart; Lauren Bacall; John Ridgely; Martha Vickers; Louis Jean Heydt; Regis Toomey; Peggy Knudsen; Dorothy Malone; Bob Steele
Running Time: 2 hours, 12 minutes
Filmography: Lauren Bacall