Critics' Corner
Richard Harrington - Weekend section, "Pretty good."

Stephen Hunter - Style section, "(Kurt Russell's) lack of energy afflicts the film as much as its director's lack of ideas."

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Scene from this movie Jeff's (Kurt Russell) Jeep has broken down on a cross-country journey and his wife, Amy (Kathleen Quinlan), has gone missing in the same wide open Southwest. Problem is, no one believes Jeff -- not the indifferent sherriff, not the extremely odd customers at Belle’s Diner and especially not the trucker (perpetually suspicious J.T. Walsh) who offered Amy a ride to Belle’s in his 18-wheeler and now denies ever having seen her.

Before he knows it, Jeff’s adrift among predators who commit highway robbery via kidnap and forcible cash transfers and operate a traveler processing plant under the very nose of trusting wives. -- Richard Harrington
Rated R

Director: Jonathan Mostow
Cast: Kurt Russell; Kathleen Quinlan; J.T. Walsh; Jack Noseworthy; Rex Linn; M.C. Gainey; Ritch Brinkley
Running Time: 1 hour, 35 minutes
Filmographies: Kurt Russell; Kathleen Quinlan