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‘License to Drive’ (PG-13)

By Hal Hinson
Washington Post Staff Writer
July 06, 1988

I spent a lot of time during the new Corey Haim-Corey Feldman movie, "License to Drive," trying to figure out where it is set. Then it hit me.


Hell, in this case, is a place where all the actors are named Corey. Where everyone is under the legal drinking age. Where everybody still breathes through his mouth and Oxy-5 flows like champagne.

It's a place where no one's ever heard of a Nobel or a Guggenheim. Where the pinnacle of achievement in life is getting your driver's license. Where failing to get your driver's license is a fate too grim to fathom.

Les (Corey Haim) fails to get his, and now his fantasy of dating Mercedes (Heather Graham), the most beautiful girl in his school, seems the most far-fetched of dreams. Still, it might happen. All that's needed is for him to sneak his grandfather's Cadillac out of the garage and pick her up. His parents (Richard Masur and Carol Kane) are asleep, so why not? As he sees it, he's simply taking an innocent girl out for a harmless drive. What could possibly go wrong?

Everything imaginable -- with both his date and the movie. About all that's worth noting is that the Caddy gets demolished and that the stars remain intact (though practically everyone will wish that it were the other way around). And worst of all, the featured Cadillac isn't even one of the neater ones.

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