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‘Look Who’s Talking Too’ (PG-13)

By Hal Hinson
Washington Post Staff Writer
December 14, 1990

If it worked once, shouldn't it work again? No. Emphatically no. A thousand times no. "Look Who's Talking," Amy Heckerling's first venture into "Kids Say the Darndest Things" filmmaking, wasn't much of a movie, but it did have a certain charm and a few choice laughs, provided mostly by Bruce Willis's droll command of the kiddy point of view as the voice of baby Mikey.

"Look Who's Talking Too," which brings everybody back for the second time around, merely extends the gag without adding anything new to the mix. The film presents a new character, a baby sister for Mikey named Julie, whose voice is provided by Roseanne Barr. But mostly what we're given are the same poo-poo and ca-ca jokes. A good deal of attention is devoted to Mikey's potty training; there's even a little musical number, with impromptu singing and dancing provided by Mikey's parents, Kirstie Alley and John Travolta. And when they segue into "You Have to Fight ... for Your Right ... to POTTY!," all hope for our future as a people is dashed.

This may be an overreaction; if the jokes had been better, for example, our civilization might be saved. There are two divine, out-of-nowhere touches -- casting Gilbert Gottfried as a kiddy gym instructor and using Mel Brooks for the voice of Mr. Potty -- that blow through the mediocrity. Other than that, the movie's only real virtue is that we don't actually have to see Roseanne Barr. A small blessing, perhaps, but a welcome one.

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