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‘Mom and Dad Save the World’ (PG)

By Rita Kempley
Washington Post Staff Writer
July 25, 1992

There are 2001 good reasons to skip the space oddity "Mom and Dad Save the World," an intolerably feeble sci-fi spoof from Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon, the couple who wrote "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure." The most important being that it is dumb.

Jon Lovitz has his first starring role as Emperor Tod of the Planet Spengo, a runty bore who plans to destroy Earth when he spies suburban housewife Marge Nelson (Teri Garr) jazzercizing in her backyard. Determined to make her his queen, Tod beams Marge and her dull husband, Dick, to Spengo (also known as the Planet of the Oops, the Director Doesn't Know What He's Doing).

But Marge tells Tod to keep his rocket in his pocket, for she loves only her husband. Meanwhile Dick, despite his bad back and stomach ulcers, manages to escape from the dungeon, form an army and liberate Spengo from Tod. The Nelsons dismantle Tod's death ray and return to their California home.

Directed by Greg Beeman of "License to Drive," this sputtering debacle makes Mel Brooks's "Spaceballs" look heaven-sent. Beeman, whose apparent strength is cute, cardboardy sets, is strictly out-to-launch.

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