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Rita Kempley - Style section, "The film is a moving if kinky love story."

Desson Howe - Weekend section, "Doesn't champion, so much as squander, freedom of speech."

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'The People vs. Larry Flynt'

Scene from this movie The life of the real Larry Flynt lent itself infamously to discussion of the Constitution's First Amendment. As the movie shows, the erstwhile strip-club owner (Woody Harrelson) made a name for himself when he founded Hustler Magazine, an immodest, show-all pornography magazine that made Playboy's airbrushed pullouts look positively uptight. In perpetual conflict with the courts, which knew pornography when they saw it, he spent most of his adult life fighting the legal system.

The latter section of the movie pays attention to Flynt's darker episodes. Struck by an unknown assailant's gunfire as he left a courtroom, he was permanently crippled. He also lost Althea to AIDS. -- Desson Howe
Rated R

Director: Milos Forman
Cast: Woody Harrelson; Courtney Love; Edward Norton
Running Time: 2 hours, 10 minutes
Filmographies: Woody Harrelson; Edward Norton