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Bruce Walker - Weekend section, "A cheesy, trashy movie -- I mean that in a positive way."

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'Pink Flamingos'

Scene from this movie The premise of the movie gives lots of room for a nonstop barrage of the bizarre: Two families are competing for the "title" of "The Filthiest People Alive." Divine, the 300-pound actor-in-drag, is Babs Johnson, who lives in a trailer with her companion Cotton, her delinquent son Crackers, and her mentally-ill mother. Divine is truly a sight to behold, with his blonde wig, his outrageous makeup and his bulk stuffed into a variety of skintight skirts, pants and gowns.

The other family consists of Raymond and Connie Marble, she with flaming red hair and he with bright blue hair. They sell babies to lesbian couples, run some porno shops and finance a ring of heroin pushers in inner-city elementary schools. -- Bruce Walker
Rated NC-17

Director: John Waters
Cast: Mary Vivian Pearce; Babs Johnson;
Danny Mills; Edith Massey;
David Lochary; Mink Stole
Running Time: 1 hour, 32 minutes
Filmography: John Waters