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‘Rich Girl’ (R)

By Rita Kempley
Washington Post Staff Writer
May 03, 1991

Don Michael Paul is somebody's idea of a young adult Adonis -- somebody who doesn't know "Miami Vice" went off the air. A moussed blond in need of a shave, Paul is the boy toy in "Rich Girl," a rock-and-roll romance that you needn't bother to see unless you simply want to feel your butt grow numb (also known as the " 'Last Emperor' Syndrome").

Paul is the lead singer at Rocco's totally hip nightclub, where the title rich girl (Jill Schoelen) lands a job waiting tables in a bid for independence from her powerful father. Schoelen falls for Paul and, a` la "Dirty Dancing," she learns to sing with the band. Her father and her former fiance attempt to dissolve the match, but love prevails.

Schoelen, who has the personality of coral, and Paul, who makes musical inspiration look more like hepatitis, make boredom seem a reasonable alternative. Director Joel Bender, whose first feature was 1979's "Gas Pump Girls," obviously hasn't filled up the tank since then.

"Rich Girl" is rated R and contains profanity and nudity.

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