Critic's Corner
Richard Harrington - Weekend section, "The film deftly mixes irony, self-reference and wry social commentary with chills and blood spills."

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Scene from this movie A little California town inhabited mostly by teenagers, including Sidney. Seems Sidney’s mom had been slashed to death a year ago, and her testimony had sent the killer to death row. Now Sidney’s on the killer’s kill waiting list. Soon after she survives an attack, who should come crawling in her bedroom window but boyfriend Billy Loomis. Arrested by the police, Billy is simply the first of many suspects, including tabloid TV journalist Gale Weathers, Deputy Dewey Reilly, belligerent teen rebel Stuart and video shop employee Randy. As always, the line between suspect and victim is membrane thin. -- Richard Harrington Rated R
Director: Wes Craven
Cast: David Arquette; Neve Campbell; Courteney Cox; Matthew Lillard; Rose McGowan; Skeet Ulrich; Jamie Kennedy; Drew Barrymore
Running Time: 1 hour, 44 minutes
Filmographies: Courteney Cox; David Arquette;
Drew Barrymore