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Meet Linton Weeks, The Navigator

Washington Post Staff Writer


Linton Weeks Linton Weeks was born, and grew up, in Memphis, Tenn. For high school graduation he received the obligatory pawn-shop guitar. He graduated from Rhodes College in Memphis, 1976, with a major in English and a minor in table shuffleboard.

Linton was the founding editor of Southern Magazine in Little Rock, Ark., 1986. The magazine (circ. 240,000) was bought and mercilessly crushed in 1989. In 1990 he became managing editor of The Washington Post Magazine and in 1994 became the first director of The Washington Post's online service. He has been a reporter in the Style Section since September 1995.

The Navigator – Live
Catch up on the past with this transcript archive of The Navigator – Live.

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Oct. 8, 1998

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Oct. 15, 1998

Will the Internet
Destroy Cities?
Oct. 22, 1998

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Taking Us?
Nov. 12, 1998

Protecting Kids
in Cyberspace
Nov. 19, 1998

Searching Through
Search Engines
Dec. 3, 1998

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Esther Dyson
EDventure Holdings
Dec. 17, 1998

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Y2K Hysteria
Jan. 29, 1999

Music Industry &
the Internet
Feb. 4, 1999

DC Webgrrl
Alycia Eck
Feb. 11, 1999

Cyber Rights Activist
Mike Godwin
Feb. 18, 1999

Co-Founder of MelaNet
Rodney Jordan
Feb. 25, 1999

CyberStudy 101
Carolyn Louper-Morris
March 4, 1999

Web video shows
March 11, 1999

Gail Williams
The Well
March 18, 1999

Web Journalism
Doug Feaver
March 25, 1999
Cliff Sharples
April 8, 1999

James Feldman
April 15, 1999

Wired News
Declan McCullagh
April 22, 1999

Moms Online
Katharine de Baun
April 29, 1999

Kristine Hanna
May 13, 1999

Art on the Web
Maxwell Anderson
May 20, 1999

Virtual Vietnam
May27, 1999

Bob Hirschfeld
June 3, 1999

Child of My Dreams
Cindy Simons Bennett
June 10, 1999

Discovery Online
John Bell
June 17, 1999

The Navigator's Purpose (From the First Column)
"If we will pay attention to what's happening in cyberspace, maybe we still can salvage a little truth and beauty.

Starting with this week's column, as your navigator, that's my job. Like my ancestors who were bar pilots on the Mississippi River, I'll try to steer you past the sawyers and sandbars in cyberspace.

Together we'll venture forward and explore the electronic frontier. With this space as our agreed-upon meeting place, we'll sail the cyberseas.

Where are we going? Through the ever-changing, ever-stranger digital world. What are we looking for? The Holy Grail. The lost chord. The killer app.

Will we find it? Who do you think I am? Dionne Warwick? How should I know? But we'll have some fun, a few yuks if we're lucky. We'll see the sites and untangle the Web and maybe it won't seem like such a weird place after all.

Along the way, we might as well look for the meaning of it all and try to figure out what life online tells us about life offline. As my editor reminds me ad nauseum, 'It's the humans, stupid.' Because love it or loathe it, cyberculture is moving through real life like the smell of cedar. None of us is untouched."

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