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Yeah Write

By Charles Bermant
June 27, 1997

What: Dirt-cheap word processor with powerful document-management abilities.

Details: There isn't much choice when it comes to writing. You choose between the bloated featuritis of Microsoft Word and its ilk, or the confusing integration of Microsoft Works (availble for free with most new PCs, and worth every penny). Yeah Write, a shareware solution from some WordPerfect alumni, succeeds because it doesn't strive to imitate. It concentrates more on managing documents than creating them, using the familiar metaphors of folders and drawers. Each folder stores several documents, while each drawer holds multiple folders. You don't get fancy footnoting or formatting, but this is still a first-rate way to catalogue and manage everyday information for instance, pulling together a series of documents for a research project or consolidating recipes or journals. "Real" writers will soon find omissions most notably, word count but they can easily lobby the publisher to include them in the next version, due in a few months. Just try that with Microsoft.

Bottom line: Even people who own a Ferrari can use a VW bug for a quick trip to the store.

Win 3.1/95; free, or $15 for more powerful registered version. http://www.yeahwrite.com

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