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Sunday, September 19, 1999



"Driving Alabama," by William Casey, 4/11/99. Playing the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail.


"In Deep Denali," by Amy E. Nevala, 7/4/99. Roughing it in Denali National Park and Preserve.


"The Retro-Hip Trailer Park," by Deborah Tunney, 7/11/99. Staying in Bisbee's Shady Dell Trailer Park.

"Near Tucson, the Biosphere Lives On," by Deborah Tunney, 3/21/99. Touring the failed environmental experiment.

"Getting Into Spring Training," by Frank Ahrens, 1/24/99. Planning a baseball spring training trip.

"Guesting With Merv," by Craig Stoltz, 7/26/98. Merv Griffin's Wickenburg Inn, outside Phoenix.

"The Sky's the Prize," by Bill Florence, 6/28/98. The Skywatcher's Inn, an observatory B&B in Benson.


"A Passion for Drama," by Alan Sverdlik, 9/6/98. Eureka's Passion Play.


"Livin' Low in Palm Springs," by Craig Stoltz, 9/12/99. A family on a budget visits California's glitzy getaway.

"In Silicon Valley, a Domain Without the .com," by K.C. Summers, 8/8/99. Touring Filoli, a turn-of-the-century country house in Woodside.

"Napa, Uncorked," by Cathleen Miller, 6/20/99. Napa before the wine snobs.

"San Diego's Other Animal Park," by Craig Stoltz, 5/16/99. Visiting the zoo's safari-like counterpart.

"Death Warmed Over," by Tom McNichol, 3/7/99. Touring Death Valley in winter.

" 'San Angeles': California's Kid Zone," by Ruth Marcus, 1/10/99. Southern California with young children.

"Uncabled Cars," by Tom McNichol, 12/27/98. Exploring San Francisco by its less-known trolleys.

"The Vineyard as Theme Park: Wine Not?," by Carolyn Spencer Brown, 12/20/98. Vineyards' non-wine tourist attractions in Napa and Sonoma.

"Leonardo Sipped Here," by Sharon Waxman, 12/13/98. Scouring the hangouts of young, hip Hollywood.

"The Geek Guide to Silicon Valley," by Tom McNichol and Elizabeth Corcoran, 11/1/98. Exploring the new Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose and assorted tech landmarks and hangouts.

"Near San Francisco, Riding High," by John Briley, 4/19/98. Mountain biking in Marin County.

"To Sur, With Love," by Tom McNichol, 3/15/98. California's rugged Big Sur coast.

"The West Restaurants," by Phyllis C. Richman, 2/8/98. Three hot restaurants in San Francisco: Farallon, Jardiniere and the Slanted Door.

"In San Diego, Dodging El Nino on the Cheap," by Carol Sottili, 1/4/98. A bargain family vacation in San Diego, via the Internet.

"L.A.'s New Getty: High Art," by Gary Lee, 12/7/97. Tips for visiting the museum.

"Cold Warhead," by Tom McNichol, 11/30/97. Marin County's Nike Missile Site.

"In New York and Napa, Meals to Speed-Dial For," by Phyllis C. Richman, 11/2/97. Two hot restaurants, a continent apart: Yountville, Calif.'s, French Laundry, and New York City's Jean Georges.

"Northleft Passage: California's Stinson Beach," by Alan S. Kay, 10/19/97. A tiny, atmospheric beach town 20 miles north of San Francisco.

"The . . . Autumn of Love?," by Tom McNichol, 10/5/97. San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury neighborhood, revisited.

"The House of Milhous," by Annie Groer, 8/10/97. The Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace in Yorba Linda.

"Mount San Francisco," by Craig Stoltz, 7/13/97. Little-known Mount Davidson, the highest point in the city.


"Hi-Yo, Silverton: Seriously Away," by Nicole Lewis, 6/14/98. A nearly forgotten former Wild West town.


"A Flash Flood Every Two Minutes," by Robert C. Wurmstedt, 8/22/99. Ocean Journey, the city's new aquarium.

"Denver vs. Denver," by Eric Hubler, 7/25/99. The many sides of Denver; plus side trips.

"LoDo, Denver's High Point," by Maryann Hagerty, 8/3/97. Urban treats in the revitalized lower downtown area.


"The Pequots' Latest Gamble," by Brett Fromson, 8/30/98. The tribe's museum in southeastern Connecticut.


"Florida's Statewide Trail, Free for the Taking," by Barbara J. Saffir, 7/18/99. The Florida National Scenic Trail.

"Off Season, Off-Shore," by Linton Weeks, 5/9/99. Exploring the Florida Keys.

"In Miami, This Sale Ends Soon!," by Carolyn Spencer Brown, 4/25/99. South Beach's Lincoln Road Mall.

"Happy & Grumpy: Disney at Its Best--and Worst," by Craig Stoltz and John Deiner, 1/31/99. Comparing Disney World in low and high season.

"Getting Into Spring Training," by Frank Ahrens, 1/24/99. Planning a baseball spring training trip.

"In Miami, Celebrating All Things Deco," by Gary McKechnie, 1/3/99. Miami Beach's January Art Deco Weekend, and other Deco attractions.

"Getting a Big Lift on the Space Coast," by Gary McKechnie and Nancy Howell, 12/20/98. Attractions along the state's central-eastern coast.

"Scuba on a Leash," by John Briley, 11/15/98. A dive off Key Largo.

"Las Olas: Florida Originals," by Carolyn Spencer Brown, 4/5/98. Shopping on Fort Lauderdale's outdoor boulevard.

"State of the Beaches," by Barbara J. Saffir, 2/15/98. Guide to Florida's pristine shores.

"Faux Gras, Orlando Style," by John Deiner, 2/1/98. A sanitized Mardi Gras at Universal Studios Florida.

"Winter Park: Doing Orlando With Dignity," by Barbara J. Saffir, 1/25/98. Shopping, museums and other attractions of Orlando's civilized suburb.

"Ybor City, Rising From Cigar Ashes," by Cynthia Tunstall-Seijas, 12/28/97. The revitalized century-old Cuban-American quarter outside Tampa.


"Atlanta's Chambodia, a Burg With a Global Flavor," by Neal Becton, 4/18/99. Visiting Chamblee, the center of Atlanta's immigrant community.

"South of Atlanta, 'Fried' and True," by Marilyn Thompson, 12/6/98. Juliet, the small town where "Fried Green Tomatoes" was filmed.

"Unlocking POW Stories," by Jonathan Lerner, 7/12/98. The National Prisoner of War Museum in Andersonville.

"In East Atlanta, Cool Gets a Grip," by Mike Musgrove, 5/3/98. The undiscovered charms of East Atlanta.

"Scarlett's Atlanta Birthplace," by John Deiner, 7/27/97. The Margaret Mitchell House in Atlanta.


"Waves of Fear," by Alex Salkever, 8/1/99. Dangerous surfing on Sandy Beach.

"At Maui's Sansei, Eat Meets West," by Alex Salkever, 7/4/99. A little-known hip sushi joint.

"Hawaii's Plate Lunches: What a Dish!," by Elizabeth Chang, 3/7/99. A guide to the state's native low-brow cuisine.


"In Chicago, the Other Graceland," by Cliff Terry, 5/16/99. Touring Graceland Cemetery.

"Chicago's Water Ways," by John Deiner, 4/26/98. The Chicago Architecture Foundation's boat tours of the city.

"In Chicago, the Show Never Ends," by Marc Fisher, 9/14/97. Visiting the Museum of Broadcast Communications.

"You Deserve a Break," by Carol Vinzant, 7/20/97. McDonald's #1 Store Museum in Des Plaines.


"On the Bayou," by Mike Tidwell, 8/22/99. Hitchhiking on shrimp boats through Cajun country.

"Old Stuff in New Orleans," by Eve Zibart, 12/14/97. Choice antiquing on Magazine Street.

"Fats City," by Bill Heavey, 7/13/97. Exploring New Orleans, the breeding ground of America's most original music, during the annual Jazz Festival.


"Chesapeake 101," by Allison Blake, 8/8/99. Beyond Annapolis and St. Michaels, a guide to the lesser-known islands and towns of the bay.

"Country Road," by Mike Tidwell, 6/6/99. Following the old National Road.

"Hampden: Now That's Baltimore," by Deborah Tunney, 10/25/98. Shopping guide to offbeat boutiques, galleries and antiques shops.

"In Rock Hall, Md., Whatever Floats Your Boat," by Carolyn Spencer Brown, 8/23/98. Shopping in the waterman's community.

"Cal-abunga!!!," by Adrian and Georgiana Havill, 7/5/98. The Ripken Family Museum in Aberdeen.

"Maryland's Panhandle, Asking for Change," by Bill Heavey, 6/7/98. Exploring the far reaches of western Maryland.

"Over There" (special issue), 9/21/97. A guide to Virginia for Marylanders, and to Maryland for Virginians.

"Barging Across the Border," by Craig Stoltz, 9/21/97. White's Ferry, the secret link between Virginia and Maryland.

"Driving to Dinner," by Eve Zibart, 9/21/97. Five restaurants each in Maryland and Virginia worth crossing state boundaries for.

"Fall, by the Wayside," by John Deiner, 8/24/97. Fall foliage trip on the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad.


"No, Seriously: South Boston," by Rob Pegoraro, 10/4/98. Visiting Southie, historic Boston without the attitude.

"A Chowderhead's Tour of Boston," by Stephen Jermanok, 9/27/98. Sampling three seafood restaurants.

"Cape Cod on the Cheap. Yes, Cape Cod," by Judith L. Teich, 5/10/98. An affordable family vacation on the Cape.

"Little Bauhaus Outside Boston," by John McMurtrie, 3/29/98. Visiting the former home of Walter Gropius, founder of the Bauhaus School, in Lincoln.

"Weekend in Boston, Just $89!," by Craig Stoltz, 11/9/97. Using the Internet to plan a "cheap" family getaway.

"Vintage Vineyard Paths," by Gary Lee, 8/31/97. African American tour of Martha's Vineyard.

"Site Unseen," by C.J. Houtchens, 7/20/97. Cape Cod's Buttonbush Trail for the disabled.


"Have You Driven a Ford--Lately?," by Gary Lee, 9/12/99. Interactive fun at the Spirit of Ford Museum in Dearborn.

"Fresh Waters," by Craig Stoltz, 6/13/99. Visiting Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.


"Outside Minneapolis, a Return to Yesteryear," by Jerry Haines, 8/29/99. The Pavek Museum of Broadcasting in St. Louis Park.

"Judyland," by Cliff Terry, 6/13/99. Judy Garland's birthplace in Grand Rapids.

"Back to the Earth Indeed," by Amy Ruth, 3/7/99. The Sod House Prairie Bed and Breakfast in Sanborn.

"Slinging the Hash in Minneapolis," by Jerry Haines, 1/31/99. Eating at Al's Breakfast, a local institution.

"Wild & Alone," by Mike Tidwell, 11/29/98. Lake Superior's Isle Royale, the Lower 48's most remote national park.

"St. Paul's Grand Avenue Indeed," by Carolyn Spencer Brown, 8/31/97. Boutiques and nightlife in a three-mile shopping district.


"High-Rollin' on the River," by Hank Burchard, 12/14/97. The new gambling mecca of Tunica County.


"The Slow Rebirth of Kansas City Jazz," by Robyn L. Davis, 7/25/99. KC's Blue Room and jazz district.

"A Museum of Madness," by Robyn L. Davis, 4/4/99. The Glore Psychiatric Museum in St. Joseph.

"It's a Bass World After All," by Bill Heavey, 8/16/98. Springfield's huge Outdoor World store.


"With Loopy Bellagio, Vegas Raises the Stakes--and the Tab," by David Segal, 5/2/99. Visiting one of Vegas's luxury resorts.

"A Family Gamble," by Tom Kavanagh, 9/27/98. Evaluating Las Vegas as a family destination.


"I Hear America Raking," by Erik W. Linden, 9/7/97. Visiting Walt Whitman's grave in Camden.


"In Taos, Finding the Season's Missing Lynx," by John Briley, 7/12/98. Taos Ski Valley in the summer.

"Going Deep," by Pamela Gerhardt, 7/5/98. Exploring Carlsbad Caverns National Park.

"In Taos, Going Native," by Maryann Hagerty, 9/7/97. Authentic, affordable Native American crafts and art work.

"Between a Rock and a Heart Place," by Roger Piantadosi, 7/27/97. A spiritual experience in the Gila Wilderness.


"Mohonk If You Love Nature," by Roger Piantadosi, 5/9/99. The Mohonk Mountain House, a Catskills landmark.

"Mrs. Roosevelt Slept Here," by Pamela Gerhardt, 11/8/98. Val-Kill, Eleanor Roosevelt's Hyde Park, N.Y., residence.


"The Future Was Then," by Jon Marcus, 6/13/99. The world's fair site in Queens.

"New York Underground" (special issue), 4/25/99. Six easy subway trips around Manhattan.

"When $150 Is a Bargain," 4/25/99. Five moderate lodgings.

"BWI to Islip: Cheap, but at What Cost?," by Carol Sottili, 4/4/99. Evaluating Southwest's cheap flight to Long Island.

"Chelsea Moaning," by Cathleen Miller, 1/24/99. Staying at the Chelsea Hotel, the storied literary haven.

"In New York, Why Sammy's Is Famous," by Pamela Gerhardt, 11/8/98. Eating at Famous Sammy's Roumanian Steak House, a Lower East Side institution.

"In NYC? Welcome to the Club," by Carolyn Spencer Brown, 11/1/98. Manhattan's latest crop of boutique hotels.

"Brooklyn's Turn," by Eric Hubler, 10/25/98. Exploring NYC's first suburb.

"Unleashing Kids in NYC," by Carol Vinzant, 8/2/98. Keeping kids happy in the Big Apple.

"A High-Class All-You-Can-Drink," by Eve Zibart, 7/19/98. Dining and wining at Cite.

"NY's Flatiron District: No Starch," by K.C. Summers, 6/14/98. Shopping in an unsung neighborhood.

"Manhattan's Sporting Chance," by John Deiner, 5/24/98. The Chelsea Piers sports complex.

"Broadway Debut," by Marc Fisher, 4/19/98. A father-daughter theater excursion.

"A Friend in New York" (special issue), 4/12/98. New York friends' recommendations for restaurants, shopping, sights and more.

"A Light in the Darkness," by Eve Zibart, 2/8/98. New York's Holocaust Museum.

"Holiday Shopping, in One Swell Swoop," by Eve Zibart, 11/30/97. Six unusual museum shops.

"New York Minutes," by Anne Glusker, 10/12/97. Cafes, restaurants and bars near favorite tourist haunts.

"In New York and Napa, Meals to Speed-Dial For," by Phyllis C. Richman, 11/2/97. Two hot restaurants: Yountville, Calif.'s, French Laundry, and New York City's Jean Georges.

"New York's Hip Pocket," by Anne Glusker, 7/6/97. Shopping and noshing in the newly cool northern end of Little Italy.


"Dawson's Peek," by Jay Mathews, 7/4/99. Touring Wilmington, home of TV's "Dawson's Creek."

"Give Grease a Chance," by Randall Bloomquist, 5/23/99. Taking in a NASCAR race in Charlotte.

"Bright Lights, Small City," by Carolyn Spencer Brown, 5/9/99. Exploring arty Asheville.

"Minutes of Thunder," by Dallas Hudgens, 6/28/98. Getting behind the wheel of a NASCAR stock car at the Richard Petty Driving Experience in Charlotte.

"Y'allternative Route," by Dana Hull, 2/8/98. Exploring Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, a k a the Triangle.

"Pier Pressure," by Earl Shores, 8/10/97. Fishing off the Outer Banks docks.


"Cleveland Rolls," by Craig Stoltz, 8/22/99. Exploring the city via the new light-rail system.

"14 Hours and a Bowl of Chili," by Peter Mandel, 2/21/99. Taking Amtrak from D.C. to Cincinnati.

"Outside Cincinnati, Ohio's Underground Attractions," by Jonathan Lerner, 12/27/98. The Underground Railroad sites near Ripley.

"Cleveland's Other Rock: Ore, Coal, Bauxite," by Frank Kuznik, 10/5/97. Touring the steamship William G. Mather.


"Pittsburgh Wheelers," by Christine H. O'Toole, 8/29/99. Biking from Pittsburgh to D.C. on (mostly) a network of off-road trails.

"White Water and Fallingwater," by Christine H. O'Toole, 5/9/99. Exploring the Laurel Highlands.

"In the Brandywine Valley, Used-Book Utopia," by Carolyn Spencer Brown, 3/8/98. Baldwin's Book Barn, outside West Chester.

"Lancaster County's March Sales," by Dave Sturm, 2/15/98. Amish culture and collectibles at fire company fund-raising auctions.

"Chateau du Allegheny," by Gary Lee, 12/21/97. Nemacolin Woodlands Resort & Spa in Farmington, Pa.

"There's New Hope for a Holiday Dilemma," by JoAnn Greco, 12/14/97. One-of-a-kind shops in tiny New Hope.

"Outside Philly, Holiday Shopping in Fine Style," by Marilyn Thompson, 11/23/97. Picturesque Chestnut Hill and its shopping scene.


"Illuminating War," by Todd Pitock, 7/25/99. Lights of Liberty sound-and-light walking tour.

"Philly's Street-Smart Art," by Todd Pitock, 3/21/99. The city's urban murals.

"Marketing Time," by Roger Piantadosi, 2/21/99. Exploring Reading Terminal Market.

"A Couple of Things About Philly" (special issue), 5/3/98. Weekend visits planned around specific activities.


"Providence Alight," by Peter Mandel, 7/26/98. The charms of the revitalized capital.


"Too Sweet for Words," by Andrea Sachs, 8/1/99. A roadside Bee City near Charleston.

"In the Land of the Gullahs," by Gary Lee, 9/20/98. Exploring the marshy shores of Gullah country.

"Charleston, of Course," by Anne Glusker, 4/5/98. The city's appeal for golfers and nongolfers alike.


"In Austin, the Bats Under the Bridge," by Henry Lenard, 7/4/99. The city's nightly bat spectacle.

"Express Ways: The Car as Folk Art," by Marcia Mjoseth, 3/15/98. Houston's annual Art Car Parade.

"Lonesome Trove," by David Streitfeld, 2/22/98. Author Larry McMurtry's used-book store in Archer City.

"Forget the Alamo!," by Gary Lee, 8/17/97. Touring today's San Antonio, a thriving capital of Hispanic culture.


"Mountains Without the Madness," by Randy Rudder, 6/6/99. Visiting Townsend, the Quiet Side of the Smokies.


"A Working Vacation," by Andrea Sachs, 8/8/99. A "service trip" in Bryce Canyon.

"A Yurt Worth Falling For," by Amber Older, 1/3/99. Skiing to dinner at a yurt near Solitude Mountain Resort.

"Pachelbel's Canyon," by Christopher Corbett, 3/29/98. A white-water rafting trip on the Green River, complete with string quartet.


"A Small World," by Peter Mandel, 7/18/99. In and around Montpelier.


"The Lake Down the Road," by Amy Brecount White, 5/9/99. Family fun at Lake Anna, 90 minutes from the Beltway.

"Days of Wine and Road Trips," by Patrick Getlein, 9/6/98. Guide to 11 Virginia wineries.

"Yo, Poe," by Lloyd Rose, 5/10/98. The Edgar Allan Poe Museum in Richmond.

"Appalachia Springs Back," by Roger Piantadosi, 6/7/98. Exploring the far reaches of southwestern Virginia.

"At Wintergreen, Women in Black (Diamonds)," by Daphne White, 1/18/98. Women's ski school at Wintergreen Resort.

"Over There" (special issue), 9/21/97. A guide to Virginia for Marylanders, and to Maryland for Virginians.

"Barging Across the Border," by Craig Stoltz, 9/21/97. White's Ferry, the secret link between Virginia and Maryland.

"Driving to Dinner," by Eve Zibart, 9/21/97. Five restaurants each in Maryland and Virginia worth crossing state boundaries for.

"Equal Time," 9/21/97. Finding the equivalents of Virginia's attractions in Maryland, and vice versa.

"Toiling in the Vineyards," by Patrick Getlein, 9/14/97. Volunteer harvest days at Virginia wineries.


"Seattle, Beyond the Grind," by Frank Kuznik, 1/17/99. The quirky side of Seattle.

"In Olympic, 3 Climates," by Pamela Gerhardt, 6/7/98. One day and three hikes through three ecosystems on the Olympic Peninsula.

"On the Waterfront: Seattle's Floating Rooms for Rent," by Marilyn Thompson, 12/28/97. Rental houseboat accommodations in downtown Seattle.


"Considering the Source," by Roger Piantadosi, 9/5/99. Discovering the Allegheny Plateau, where the North Branch of the Potomac River begins its journey to the Chesapeake.

"Snowshoe, Meet Big Foot," by Carol Sottili, 2/14/99. The big plans for Snowshoe Mountain ski resort.

"West Virginia's Bridge Party," by Marcia Mjoseth, 10/11/98. Celebrating Bridge Day on the New River Gorge.


"Beer, Hogs and a Giant Duck," by Bill Heavey, 8/29/99. The solid attractions of Milwaukee.


"A Bone to Pick," by James T. Yenckel, 9/7/97. Digging for dinosaurs in Thermopolis.

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