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Costliest Hurricanes in U.S. History

The following is a list of the 30 costliest hurricanes to hit the United States or its commonwealths. Hurricanes that are hyperlinked go to Washington Post coverage of that hurricane. Figures are adjusted to 1996 dollars.

1.Andrew (SE Fla./SE La.)19924$30,475,000,000
2.Hugo (S.C./U.S.V.I./P.R.)19894$9,704,581,350
3.Agnes (NE U.S.)19721$7,500,000,000
4.Betsy (Fla./La.)19653$7,425,340,909
5.Camille (Miss./Ala.)19695$6,096,287,313
6.Diane (NE U.S.)19551$4,830,580,808
7.Frederic (Ala./Miss.)19793$4,328,968,903
8.New England19383$4,140,000,000
9.Fran (N.C.)19963$3,200,000,000
10.Opal (NW Fla./Ala.)19953$3,069,395,018
11.Alicia (N Texas)19833$2,983,138,781
12.Carol (NE U.S.)19543$2,732,731,959
13.Carla (Texas)19614$2,223,696,682
14.Juan (La.)19851$2,108,801,956
15.Donna (Fla./E U.S.)19604$2,099,292,453
16.Iniki (Kauai, Hawaii)1992Unknown$2,070,000,000
17.Celia (S. Texas)19703$1,834,330,986
18.Elena (Miss./Ala./NW Fla.)19853$1,757,334,963
19.Bob (N.C./NE U.S.)19912$1,747,720,365
20.Marilyn (U.S.V.I./E P.R.)19952$1,534,697,509
21.Hazel (S.C./N.C.)19544$1,665,721,649
22.Florida (Miami)19264$1,515,294,118
23.North Texas (Galveston)19154$1,346,341,463 1
24.Dora (NE Fla.)19642$1,343,457,944
25.Eloise (NW Fl.)19753$1,298,387,097
26.Gloria (E U.S.)19853$1,265,281,174
27.Hugo (U.S.V.I./P.R.)19894$1,213,080,169
28.San Felipe (P.R.)19284$1,150,000,000
29.Northeast U.S.19443+$1,064,814,815
30.Beulah (S. Texas)19673$970,464,135
Source: National Hurricane Center

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