Pope John Paul II, 1920-2005

Church Leaders, foreign dignitaries and thousands of Catholic faithful crowd St. Peter's Square to bid a final farewell to the beloved pontiff.
• Videos: Full Funeral Mass | Edited Excerpts | D.C. Students React
Pope John Paul II was buried beneath St. Peter's Basilica. This graphic explains the schedule, rituals and history behind the burial of the former pontiff.

• Text: Cardinal Ratzinger's Homily
• Guest List: Foreign Dignitaries and Religious Leaders in Attendance
• Narrated Gallery: Masses March in Poland
• Panorama: Visitors Wait in Line
• Photos: Washington Cardinal Pays Homage to the Pope
• Video: Pope's Body Moved to St. Peter's Basilica
• Video: Sunday Remembrance in St. Peter's Square
• Video: Services Around the Globe
• Photos: The World Mourns
• Video: Official Death Announcement
• Video: President Bush Joins D.C. Mourners

• John Paul II's Funeral to Be Held Early Friday
• Post Reporter Remembers the Bishop of Roam | Video of Robin Wright
• Tens of Thousands Turn Out to View Body of John Paul
• Catholics Voyage to Rome to Mourn, Witness and Pray
• In Mexico, Church Loses Influence on Village Life
• Requiem for 'the Great'
• To Poles, Church Is Wojtyla's Legacy
• Diverse U.S. Throngs Mourn Leader
• Many Complain Church Has Lost Touch With Poor
• Poland Says Goodbye to Its National Hero
• More News on the Pope and the Vatican

For 900 years, electing a pope has been the prerogative of the College of Cardinals meeting in conclave. This interactive explains the secretive process of selecting a new pontiff.
• From the Vatican: Guidelines For Choosing a Pope

• Washington Post Profiles: Who Will Be the Next Pope?
• Discussion Transcript: Rev. Anthony Figueiredo Discussed Papal Selection
• Discussion Transcript: Msgr. Kevin McCoy On the Future of the Papacy
• Graphic: A Growing Church • Holy Men Gather at Vatican for a Political Rite

• When a Pope Dies
• Pontiff's Imprint Will Guide Selection
• Admiration for John Paul II, Apprehension About His Successor
• American Pope Highly Unlikely Given Views of Church Leaders
• More News on the Pope and the Vatican

Born Karol Wojtyla in Poland, Pope John Paul II became one of the 20th Century's most influential figures. He spent his 27-year papacy traveling the world as leader of 1.1 billion Catholics. Audio by The Post's Alan Cooperman.

• Text: Last Will and Testament
• Interactive Graphic: A Long Life in Eventful Times
• Interactive Map: The Pope's Travels
• Discussion Transcript: Carl Bernstein on His Book About the Pope

• John Paul Apparently Pondered Resigning
• Obituary: The Church Loses Its Light
• 'Amen.' A Moment Later, the Pope Was Dead
• Pope John Paul II Died Saturday at 84
• The People's Pope, Happy to Serve God and Layman
• A Modern Man Who Changed the Papacy
• For Victims, Strong Words Were Not Enough
• The Inspiration for a Workers' Revolution
• 'He Consoles Those Who Have Nothing'
• A Prolific Theologian With a Broad Scope
• His Washington Visit: 'What Struck Me Was His Gentleness'
• More News on the Pope and the Vatican

Remembering the Pope

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