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Boys' lacrosse

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Player High school Yr Pos. All-Met Status Colleges
Baddley, Parker Battlefield 2016 LSM oral Colgate
Bedard, Ben Severn 2017 M oral Pennsylvania
Chastain, Henry Gonzaga 2016 D/LSM oral Maryland
Christian, Daniel Northern 2016 ATT oral Navy
Corcoran, Shane The Heights 2017 G oral Navy
Fairman, Bubba Calverton 2016 ATT HM, 2015 oral Navy
Forrest, Jack Bullis 2016 M oral Dartmouth
Fowler, Andrew Landon 2017 D/LSM HM, 2015 oral Cornell
Gosnell, Griff Bullis 2016 D oral Cornell
Grafmeyer, Kyle Landon 2016 G oral Berry College
Griffin, Tim Good Counsel 2016 MF oral Navy
Hinton, Colin St. John's 2017 D oral Maryland
Horning, John Georgetown Prep 2017 D oral Fairfield
Kedda, Garrison St. Stephen's and St. Agnes 2016 FO oral Richmond
Keilbasa, Danny Paul VI 2017 ATT oral Army
Lindsay, Terry Georgetown Prep 2016 MF HM, 2015 oral Duke
Madgwick, Noah Stone Bridge 2016 D HM, 2015 oral Binghamton
McCaleb, Luke Gonzaga 2016 A oral Brown
McEvoy, Nick Gonzaga 2016 MF oral Penn State
Miller, Colin Calverton 2017 G oral Navy
Myers, Avery Gonzaga 2016 MF HM, 2015 oral Michigan
Offutt, Sam Landon 2016 MF oral Virginia
Oliver, Mitchell Georgetown Prep 2016 D oral Brown
Petkevich, Nicky Bullis 2016 ATT HM, 2015 oral Colgate
Phillips, Timmy Episcopal 2015 MF second team, 2015 signed Notre Dame
Pride, Ryan Landon 2017 MF oral Virginia
Puglise, Roman Paul VI 2017 M HM, 2015 oral Maryland
Railey, John Georgetown Prep 2016 D second team, 2015 oral Loyola
Richbourg, Kyle Centreville 2016 MF oral Air Force
Rock, William Gonzaga 2017 D oral Virginia
Shears, Connor Yorktown 2016 D HM, 2015 oral Bucknell
Simon, Jake Bullis 2016 G oral Brown
Stanton, Michael Gonzaga 2016 ATT oral High Point
Steel, Paul Bullis 2016 D HM, 2015 oral Johns Hopkins
Stein, Joseph Bullis 2016 MF oral Bucknell
Stewart, Austin St Stephens/St Agnes 2018 MF oral Denver
Townsend, Brian Gonzaga 2017 M oral Michigan
Trippi, Alexander Bullis 2017 ATT oral North Carolina
Yanko, Ty Calverton 2016 MF oral Brown