Digital universe riddled with holes

PART ONE | To defend themselves, governments, businesses and individuals will need to decipher one of the most complex, man-made environments on Earth: cyberspace.


Search engine reveals risks to machines

PART TWO | A new search engine called Shodan finds industrial control systems connected to cyberspace and unsettles the balance of security online.

Behind a framework, a cautionary cyber tale


PART THREE | The Tridium company’s widely used technology is a marvel of modern connectivity, but after its networks were found to be vulnerable to hackers, it is moving to boost its security.

Hackers exploit humans to gain access

The firm is under scrutiny over Snowden saga. (Jeffrey MacMillan/Post)

PART FOUR | The greatest threat to security in the Cyber Age comes from attacks known as “social engineering.”

Hacking kits fuel cyberspace arms race

(Eric Schulzinger / Lockheed Martin via Reuters)

PART FIVE | Tools make breaking into networks almost as easy for hackers as ordering food off a menu.

Missions in virtual city train Pentagon’s soldier-hackers for cyberwar

(Mark J. Terrill / AP)

PART SIX | “It might look to some people like a toy or game,” but program prepares government for digital attacks.

Health-care sector vulnerable to hackers, Post investigation finds

(Daniel Acker / BLOOMBERG)

PART SEVEN | A Post examination of cybersecurity has found that health care is among the most vulnerable industries.


Video: A new domain of war

For global leaders to address risks in the digital universe, they must understand cyberspace.

COLUMBIA,MD.- MAY 4,2010: BAE SYSTEMS. Office where internet is monitored for potential threats, bugs, virus,etc. Workers not identified due to security concerns. Photographed on May 4, 2010 in Columbia,MD. ( Photo by Jeffrey MacMillan ) Freelance Photo imported to Merlin on Wed May 5 19:31:06 2010

Timeline: History and hacks

Explore some of the technological advances that led to cyberspace, along with notable hacks.