Women who are driven to make the auto industry more inclusive

As experts in automotive, a master technician, a dealership owner and advocator use their unique perspectives to highlight how anyone can grow, succeed and break barriers in the industry.

If you can see it; you can be it. By taking steps to accelerate gender diversity and foster an inclusive industry, Volvo is inspiring current and future generations to join automotive, grow their careers and be leaders in the field.

Look no further than three trailblazers in automotive who have broken barriers and reflect on their career path. Now, as professional women in the industry, Bogi Lateiner, Amanda Gordon and Jody DeVere come together for a dynamic discussion on how they never let critiques, stereotypes and misconceptions stop them from having successful careers in auto.

These are their stories.

Lateiner enjoys the power of what her hands are capable of. She discusses her journey in starting her own “Girl Gang Garage,” a space for women to workshop and rebuild cars. As the owner of GoJo Auto, Gordon shares her passion for relationship-building in business when discussing what she loves about owning her own dealership. She keeps a pulse on how her leadership can provide opportunities for customers, employees and her community. For DeVere, cars represented freedom at an early age. When touching on the opportunities women have in automotive, she mentions her company,, which solves the industry’s challenge of hiring more women and meeting the needs of consumers.

Amplifying voices of women who are doing tremendous work in the industry is not only crucial to fostering inclusivity but also for revealing opportunities for future generations. Because, if they can see it, they can be it.

Play the video above to see how Volvo is making the auto industry a more welcoming place by empowering driven women.

Volvo is taking steps to improve the gender balance of its organization.

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